Truth's Evil Light

By Michaela McGregor

Truth's Evil Light

Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Thrillers, Young Adult | 363 pages

Keywords: magic, action, werewolves, pixies, fairies, vampire, fantasy, elves, suspense, thriller, urban

The name Cheveyo Singer will live forever in infamy. Until my best friend and partner, Tony Romano, was kidnapped, I thought I was the biggest freak on the planet. As it turns out, being an empath doesn’t even make the top ten. When I rescued Tony, nothing could have prepared me for what I uncovered. All the magical creatures from legend truly exist and they want my head. Apparently, exposing the Zephyri on national television is a no-no. Now I have a super-sexy, day-walking vampire hunting me. On top of that, I found a couple of hit men in my apartment, trashing the place. Why do humans want me dead? I have no idea but I’m going to find out—just as soon as I have the time. My first priority is finding and saving Tony though. He’s made a habit of getting snatched. It wasn’t a lunatic this time but I know from experience, the federal government’s methods border on lunacy. Tony and the creatures I discovered are imprisoned in a lab for study. I have to figure out where before it’s too late—for everyone.

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