Through A Glass, Darkly

By Scott Roche

Through A Glass, Darkly

Novel | 83 pages

Keywords: horror, anthology, zombies, supernatural, werewolves, demons

This combines the following short stories: "Fetch" - A parish priest investigates the death of his parishioner, only to be faced by the reality of supernatural evil. "Power in the Blood" - Reggie is tired of getting beaten down everywhere he turns. He finds a new strength, but at what cost? "A Good Samaritan" - Trudi and her friend stop on the road to help a stranded motorist and confront the walking dead. "The Good Doctor" - Selling potions and trinkets to protect people from the all to real supernatural perils that surround them provided the Doctor with a good living, but it may lead to his death. In one volume you've got demons, zombies, blood suckers, and werewolves. That's a recipe for a good night's reading, if not a good night's sleep.

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