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The Sea's Blessing

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The Sea's Blessing

Leandra J. Piper

Copyright 2012 by Leandra J. Piper

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used without the express written permission of the author or publisher for any purposes, except brief quotations in critical articles or reviews.

Once upon a time, there was a vast kingdom under the sea, ruled by a beautiful mermaid queen. But the queen was filled with sorrows, for she had no children to carry her legacy. She searched far and wide for a remedy, but to no avail. She had all but given up hope when Mother Sea took pity on her, and granted her a child.

The queen rejoiced, and her kingdom with her. Celebrations rang out through the waves in honour of the new princess Miranda. From far and wide came the sea-witches and warlocks to bestow her with gifts. Those with less power gifted her with beautiful objects: chests of pearls, delicate necklaces, wondrous oddities saved from the wreckage of ships.

Others bent the extravagance of their power to honour the young princess: beauty unmatched by any under the sea was given her, an inquisitive spirit, an adventurous heart, and a swift mind. Every gift that could be imagined was endowed upon the blessed little girl, and those who attended would swear later that she watched all with an awareness far beyond her years.

The celebration carried on for three days and three nights, each more joyous than the last. But when all was finally becoming quiet on the night of the third day, the ancient Prophet of Mother Sea, whom most thought was long dead. Unexpected and uninvited, he made his way to the princess, to divine what he could of her.

Mere breaths before the end of the celebration, the Prophet spoke, and bestowed his gift unto the princess Miranda. He presented her with a charm: three times could she call upon it, and lo, would her tail divide into the legs of a human woman.

He did not linger beyond that, and in the wake of confusion over his bizarre gift, the Prophet quit the city as swiftly as he came. The princess alone seemed unbothered by such a gift, gurgling happily when the Queen came to collect her.

For all the furor over the Prophet's gift to the princess, it was soon forgotten as the girl grew. Her promised beauty was the first of the witchings that could be seen upon her, but those close to the girl saw the signs of a swift mind and daring nature.

Miranda's bold heart gave the queen no end of frustration; the girl ranged far and wide as she grew older, seeking out forgotten grottoes and swimming high up to the surface to bathe in moonlight. Nothing could be hidden long from the mermaid princess.

Leaving aside the strains to her poor mother's heart, the princess had a peaceful childhood, only coming into danger of her own making. And so it was that she came of age healthy and whole, the gleaming jewel of the whole sea-kingdom.

Another celebration came about, to honour the princess' transition into adulthood, but she was disconsolate. Sweet-hearted and gracious, she let it show little in her manner, but she had small patience for such formal affairs, far away from the wild seas she so loved. She had almost given herself over entire to boredom when, unlooked-for as he had been before, the Prophet made an appearance.

He spirited the princess aside to a quiet room, and spoke to her, saying, "Fair princess. Do you know who I am?"

Now Miranda was not unschooled, despite her distaste for staying in one place. "You are the Prophet of Mother Sea, are you not?" asked the young mer-woman. "What is it that brings you to honour me by your presence?"

"I came to speak with you, princess," spoke the Prophet, "of the gift I gave you long ago. You are grown in truth now, and must learn the nature of it. In fact, it is I who have wronged you, I have given you a duty, and named it a gift. I must first beg your forgiveness, fair princess."

The Prophet was wise in the words he chose, for they only piqued the interest of young Miranda. "Why you have it, of course. But what duty is it that you have placed upon me? I know of your gift, of course, but I have scarce had the thought to use it. How can such a wondrous but fleeting thing be a duty?"

So the Prophet explained to her, "The gift I gave to you was at the behest of Mother Sea. You know that your mother the queen suffered many trials to be gifted with your birth. On her behalf, I communed with the Sea to learn how such a fate might never trouble the Royal Family again."

"And the answer was the gift you gave to me?" asked the princess. "I must confess, I still do not see how the two relate."

"The nature of our people," continued the Prophet, "is neither fish nor man. Mother Sea told me that the ultimate cure for the Royal Family's woes is the blood of the people of the air. She gave to me the prophecy that if the new princess were to thrice have legs, she would one day meet a man of the humans, and fall in love with him, and bear his child. I do not tell you this to force you into it, nor to force your expectations-- it could happen in a day, or a thousand days. But in you lies the seeds for preserving the kingdom."

Yet despite his attempts to reassure her, Miranda left the meeting disturbed. She could not even put on a fair face for the remainder of her celebrations. The Prophet's words echoed in her ears long beyond.

Tempted by them, she swam to the surface when next she could, and watched every sailing ship she could. But she saw nothing, was tempted by no one, not on that journey, nor the next, nor the next. The promise of her heart falling to a human soon faded from her mind, yet still she came to the surface.

Miranda broke the surface one day shortly after dawn, all the sea stained pink. She knew something was wrong, for the waves were scattered with the wreckage of a ship. She followed the currents, seeing where the wreckage led her. Along the way she claimed small baubles, necklaces and bracelets, hanging them about her neck and wrists.

She came eventually to the end of the sea, a white shoreline scattered with driftwood. Amidst it all lay a man, a human man, unconscious on the sand. Miranda drew herself up to look upon him, and saw that he was beautiful: tanned dark from hours in the sun, with long black hair to match.

The mermaid drew her fingers over his cheeks, touching his smoothly sculpted face. Enchanted by the man, she pressed her ear to his chest, and felt a great relief to sense that he was breathing still. In a daring moment, she leaned her head down, and pressed a salty kiss to his lips, breathing her air into him.

It was then that she felt the Prophet's charm take hold of her body. She gasped, back arched, as her long, sleek tail slowly divided into two strong legs; fins took the place of feet. She did not even think of the reason for it, so entranced was she by his face. And once her body had changed, the man gasped, taking deep, shuddering breaths that forced his eyes open wide.

The mermaid princess slowly drew her fingers over the man's chest as he stared in wonder at her face. The sight of him entranced her as well but she could not help but feel strange things with her new legs. Sand on her toes, and an odd wet feeling at the join of her legs, unlike the water of the sea.

She felt the touch of the man's fingers upon her breasts, touching and stroking them, cupping them in his hands. She gasped, never having felt such touch on them, in the open air. Her coral nipples stiffened at the attention, and her body strained toward his touch. The man lifted his head, giving her a slow kiss, tongue washing over her lips.

Miranda slowly stroked her fingers through the man's hair, smoothing it, drawing the tangles and seaweed out. All over his face, she peppered tiny kisses, lips pressing everywhere to his skin. He too kissed her where his lips could touch, with all the need of a man who had come just inches from death.

The man lowered his head just so, pressing his face between her breasts, rubbing her smooth skin against his stubbled cheeks. The mermaid pressed them closer to his cheeks, pushing them close to feel him better. Her long fingers drifted over his sides, brushing his skin gently. His hand reached up, drawing a knuckle slowly up her spine, making her gasp into his hair. She leaned her head down, kissing through his hair, breathing warm salty air into it.

With his free hand the man touched her breasts, cupping and squeezing one, then the other. He reached his tongue out, licking her gently, warming the skin between her breasts. As he knuckled her spine, the hand drifted low, touching her firm new backside. Into his hair, she made a low, soft moan but she knew he heard it, for he shifted that hand and he caressed one firm buttock.

She pressed against his hand, head lifting from his hair to make a sweet, wordless sound. The foreign feeling of his touch sent a thrill all through her body, and she could feel that sweet dampness between her legs grow. Need sang through her body for him, only growing by the moment. The princess stroked his hair again, then ran her hands slowly down his back.

He lifted his head, and moved his hand from her breast to draw her head down. He kissed her, firmly and deeply, pressing her head back with the force of it. His tongue parted her lips, sliding into her salty mouth. Her tongue rose, touching his, sliding over it, feeling its curves. It had a taste unlike anything she had ever known, warm and sweet, with none of the salt of the ocean waves.

It was the same need that made her body yearn for the man that drove the mermaid princess now, and she slid atop his body. Her new legs parted, and she gasped at the sudden feeling of wind upon the tightly-furled lips between. He lay back against the sand a bit, leaning up just so, kissing the tops of her breasts, licking her stiffly-pointed nipples. She pressed kisses all through his hair, touching it all with her soft lips.

His body was tight and muscular beneath hers, strong from whatever work it was that he did on the ship that he had come from. Miranda stroked her hands up his back, feeling and squeezing the tight muscles, brushing the sand from it. Her nipple tightened more against his tongue, and the wetness growing between her legs was maddening. The man's hands both slid down her back, squeezing both cheeks of her bottom, rubbing and kneading them. He pulled the cheeks apart, then squeezed them together, making her gasp sweetly into his hair.

Against her lower lips, she felt something hot brushing there. A squirm ran all through her body, pressing her closer to him in an involuntary grind. Her legs pressed into the sand a bit more, thrusting her bottom up into the man's hands, seeking out his squeezing and rubbing. She kissed more needfully through his hair, faster and with less regard for where her lips touched. His tongue danced over her nipple, then he moved slowly away from it, kissing down to the crevice between her breasts. The heat of his tongue on her bare skin was like a trail of fire that gave her body a desperate ache.

Her legs came with instincts, and it was that which drove her to plant them firmly in the sand, lifting her back end up. She backed up just a bit, not far enough to pull away from the attention the man was lavishing on her breasts. She made a thin sound into his hair at the touch of his blunt, slick cock-head against her lower lips. A gust of wind blew over her, sending goosebumps rising all over her skin, making her body twitch closer to his for the warmth.

With a firm, swift thrust of her hips, Miranda thrust herself down onto his cock, her back pulling into a tight arch. Her eyes went wide at the shock of his penetration into her new, virgin pussy. A long, thin moan escaped her, curling about her ears as her whole body trembled. Against her breasts, the man too made a low groan, the heat of his breath causing sweat to rise on her skin there.

He barely fit inside her, she was so tight. It felt like it took forever to sink all the way down the length of his shaft, her body shaking as she gasped from the strange, intense feeling. It grew easier the deeper it went, as she grew wetter and slicker all around him. She panted into his hair, mouth wide. His teeth pressed to her breast, but gently, enough that she could feel them and his heavy breath rushing past them.

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