The Muse

By Leandra J. Piper

The Muse

Novel | Erotica | 16 pages

Keywords: bdsm, femdom, sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, analingus, demon sex, demon, occult erotica, occult

An artist without direction, Antony has turned to desperate measures. With an old text in hand that purports to be the key to bind demons to his will, he attempts to call forth infernal aid to inspire his next work. Against all odds, Antony succeeds, but the beautiful demoness instead binds him, offering to fulfil his desires only if he worships her as his goddess. She demands all the pleasure a mortal man's lips can give, but will Antony be up to the challenge the demon poses? Features a man dominated utterly by a beautiful woman and lavish oral sex upon her. Occult themes. Adults only.

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