The Follower

By Stephen Morley

The Follower

Novel | Adventure | 347 pages

Keywords: adventure, mystery, ego sum dominus temporis, erebos, double-cross, the follower, master of time

The Follower by Stephen Morley The Follower is a tale full of mystery and adventure in a land at once familiar and strange. Harry grows up on the island but longs to escape the quiet boredom of the place. He finds himself involved in a mystery that takes him to the Big City where he meets the Big City Gang and joins them in their adventures. Then he travels by unseen ways to the far mountains with his new friend, Crystal. They are saved from disaster and taken to the ancient house of Erebos where the Lords of the Double-Cross debate their future. Harry and Crystal escape across the mountains as the drama unfolds while the Follower draws ever closer and the strange events of their times are revealed.

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