The ABC's of Successful and Happy Living

By Charles Vinson

The ABC's of Successful and Happy Living

| 36 pages

Keywords: self-help, inspiration, success, happy, psychology, therapy,

This is a book for all ages. It is a great read for anyone, whether it is with your young children, adolescents, or anyone looking for a easy, inspirational experience. The book is not long but it is powerful in it’s simplicity. The ABC’s of Successful and Happy Living focuses on aspects of our life that are relevant to any stage of life. The hope is that by reading this book, the principles become part of your daily life and become ingrained in your character. This is the reason that it is appropriate and helpful for everyone, regardless of age. The book is a compilation of my life experiences and teachings. Growing up, I lived in extreme poverty and the environment was not conducive to future success. I went on to receive my Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and will soon receive my PhD. My father had a stroke when I was nine and because I never had relationships with any of my other family members, there were no positive role models in my life. There were many negative ones and thus began my journey of trial and error as well as learning from everywhere I could. All children need positive role models but many are left with the opposite. In writing this book, I hope that in some way it will be a model and plan to success and happiness for those who are starving for guidance. My life is a testimony of the reality that we all control our own destiny, regardless of our situations or environments. It is not easy but the end result is much more fulfilling when we overcome obstacles that were not supposed to be defeated. The book is also geared toward anyone in any stage of life that needs affirmation that success and happiness is always possible regardless of how impossible it may seem. If you are successful and happy, this book can also serve as reassurance of what you are doing as well as motivation to stay on the path. It is my desire that you enjoy this light read and it helps change you positively.

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