So Buttons #1

By Jonathan Baylis

So Buttons #1

Comic | 29 pages

Keywords: comix, comic book, graphic novel, auto-bio, harvey pekar, so buttons, jonathan baylis

SO WHAT? SO BUTTONS! Comics writer’s funny SO BUTTONS digs into heart-touching topics ranging from Dad to Dachau to dating "Don't let Baylis fool you. Yes, HIS COMICS ARE FUNNY, BUT I READ THEM FOR THE QUIET, HUMAN MOMENTS that will stick with you long after you've finished reading." Xeric award winner Nick Bertozzi (The Salon and Houdini: The Handcuff King) “Baylis' observations and anecdotes are AMUSING AND REVEALING.” “A FUN COMIC. Jonathan is a writer to keep an eye on.” Xeric award winner Scott Mills (Cells) These experts are talking about SO BUTTONS, a new comic book by writer JONATHAN BAYLIS. His tales -- personal yet accessible to anyone who’s struggled through growing up -- are "a promising collection of collaborations… transitioning somehow seamlessly from interracial porn to the musical Annie,” according to Jeffrey Brown, comics creator for McSweeney’s and Drawn & Quarterly. Joining Baylis on SO BUTTONS are three gifted artists. Says comics blogger Shannon Smith, “Each artist has a distinct style from the others, but they all make good comics.” • T.J. KIRSCH has drawn for publishers ranging from Archie Comics to Slave Labor Graphics. He’s most recently worked on Uncle Slam Fights Back! with writer Ande Parks for Oni Press. • DAVID BEYER JR. has worked on Image Comics’ Tales of the Starlight Drive-In and his own strip, “The Twisted Adventures of Stinko.” • MR. ALAN is a man of mystery. SO BUTTONS’ stories include: • “So . . . My Dad Got Drafted?”, a tale of surprising family secrets. • “So . . . Racist?”, which delves into unconscious levels of racism. • “So . . . The Sun Won’t Come Out Tomorrow,” about Annie’s odd power. • “So . . . I’m Dating a Comic” and “So . . . She Moved in with Me Anyway,” strips revealing why comedy is easy but dating is hard. • “So . . . Heaven Smells Like Bacon,” a slice of life in a diner. • And the finale, “So . . . Only Nixon Could Go to China,” covering the Jewish Baylis’ trip to Europe -- and, in particular, to Dachau.

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