Saloon Suck

By Leandra J. Piper

Saloon Suck

Novel | Erotica | 19 pages

Keywords: sex, oral sex, anal sex, first time anal sex, gay sex, anal virgin, vampire sex, cowboy sex, vampire

The stranger smiled, but thinly, so his lips stayed close together. "Oh, I never drink," he said in a voice like old gravel, then like an afterthought clarified, "...whiskey." It's a dark night in a lonely mining town then the stranger rides in, looking for a place to stay. There's no room anywhere else, so the barman lets the stranger hole up with him for a few days, not ever really knowing why. But there's something the stranger wants from him, and it only begins when he gets the barman's clothes off... Saloon Suck brings the vampire to the old west, in a darkly erotic story depicting oral sex and first-time anal sex between men. Adults only.

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