Revengeance & Death Row Rejects


Revengeance & Death Row Rejects

Collection | Mystery & Suspense | 406 pages

Keywords: collection, horror, poems, comedy, sci- fi, thriller

Revengeanace, a psychological revenge thriller. Revenge becomes overkill as Daniel Wrathchild goes on the prowl to catch the killers of his teenage daughter. The millionaire's bounty however has the greedy and the desperate trying to get their hands on the money, at any cost. Family values get challenged and friendships are tested to the core in this thriller of epic proportions. Death Row Rejects, an anthology of short tales with a twist. Due to the nature of some of the stories in this collection, it is only suitable for older readers. Titles available separately include: ​Off The Rails, The Toy Hospital, The Complete Jelly Diaries and Of Unicorns and Leprechauns. (As listed in shorter titles below.) Exclusive titles for this volume include: The Morning After: A man awakes with more than amnesia after a night on the town. Heartache: The ex is up to those same old tricks. ​The Funeral: Putting the fun back into funeral as one old wife tells her tale. Where Do Lonely Socks Go? At last the age old riddle is solved. ​Discoveries: Richard finds more than he had bargained for on an alien planet; where he clearly loses something too. ​

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