Rear View Mirror The Contemporary Romance

By Cindy Callinsky

Rear View Mirror The Contemporary Romance

Novel | Romance, Comedy, Drama | 417 pages

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Come on a trip of love, laughter and spiritual awakening. Take a vacation in someone else’s life while visiting four states and another country. This novel has been described as a roller coaster ride, hard to put down and a great beach read.
What a hoot! “Rear View Mirror” is a riot. The author’s voice is unmistakable, and the story at times is unbelievable. Callinsky is in command of her narrative and her characters who come to life through vibrant description and conversation. This book is approachable and engaging.

~Judge 42 Writers Digest Self Published Awards

This book was written with tender love and attention. You’ll find yourself crying, laughing and getting mad right alongside Callinsky. And at the end of it you’ll realize you gained a friend.

~A.D. Stewart U.K. Author of the Black Pyramid – Ancient Breeds Series

Callinsky's words wrapped my heart with silken fingers and pulled me right along her road to emotional freedom. With ease and grace, Rear View Mirror will undoubtedly affect every reader in just this way. Whether you can relate to the times, struggles or choices, this novel offers a resemblance to "every woman's" life.

~Summer Banks Associated Content

Callinsky is someone with whom you can instantly relate. You are happy and hopeful when she finds her true love. Your heart sinks when things don't pan out the way it should. You travel across the country and abroad.

Many references to the Northwest Rock and Roll music, and the area club scene. Many characters who will find a place in your heart.

~Mike Barer Barers of Maple Valley

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