Publish & Perish

By Daniel Latham

Publish & Perish

Novel | Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure | 107 pages

Keywords: fantasy, satire, comedy, romance, steampunk

A new electronic book reader shakes up the market. Writers suffer mysterious, violent deaths. An executive makes a pair of authors an offer they seemingly cannot refuse. Travelling from book fairs to online role-playing games to a steampunk convention, two novelists uncover a plot to seize control of the world's literature. Can epic fantasy writer Dexter Nibley and romance novelist Alice McAllister summon the heroic qualities of their characters to save the written word, and their lives? In this satire of geek subculture, the lines between fantasy and reality draw ever thinner as the story unfolds. Read "Publish & Perish" and call forth your own inner hero.

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