Peacocks & Diva's Flipped

By Robin

Peacocks & Diva's Flipped

Novel | Comedy, Mystery & Suspense,

Keywords: diva's, love, peacocks, festive, mystery, comical

What fun it is to be a Diva so contagious!!! I don’t know about you but I am what I am Decorative Lady with spoiled feathers!! Huh Come on lets not be bookish fashionably late. We love to party peacocks and feathers what could be better than good sex mystery, intrigue ticked me paradox. Alice in Peacock’s some English ornate peacock designer cups size B for show biz Bird or C for did someone fly the coop that’s my territory metallic all Sheen. This Diva took over the whole show MAD HATTER MEAN!!! Inventive creative Flapper Girl movie pleases show of hands something feathery out of a script. . A Victorian style bustier with cocktails show off the back fan peacock masquerade party who is the smart ass culprit. Diva of a script. Feathers and Peacocks like someone got a face lift.I need some TLC big show of hands. Feather my fancy with those Heavy heart metal bands. Let's give them a welcoming soft to my touch wedding hand’s no lonely heart my one and only love Feathers and peacocks new world star eternal love spiritual balance. Still waiting always waiting society steals Peacocks and ladies feather magnificent fan iridescent tails isn’t this a wedding With lobster tails 4—ever—he's in my heart –young restless singing in the rain, with Love my Seattle sleepless friends and loves lend me your money this is not a farmland where not making cocks and Hens of cattle. Playing love pranks sticking out open wider short trip of a map rider showing Their friends map of a Peacock tongue color of the rainbow ocean flipped we both took a skinny love dip. Turned red heart tongue of a map. Powdered pink Chanel lips with her wedding long feathered iridescent trim , hair piece with feathers, singing I'm getting married in the morning. Dressed up diamonds but she’s the Warrior tip of the blade too many plastic surgeons.females choose their love mates size color and those exquisite feather trains Mediterranean complexion face of a map. Power of love song she loved to jog with her I pod on the private eye of a run. Rainbow yellow mixed with apple martini, green feathers, shine how illuminating the copper and blue she was the Diva that lived in her wedding shoes. --Ce texte fait référence à l'édition Broché . Réduire

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