One Single Thought

By Robin

One Single Thought

Novel | 101 pages

Keywords: love,tragic,beauty,spiritual,suspense,comedy

One Single Thought By Robin Carretti ***** We are one step closer to re-design our thinking it’s all a matter of human nature. Everything high tech our comfort zone warm, inviting, feel good things, techno- sonic. Hey world do you hear me!! let’s join together don’t sweat the small stuff, but these little things are so important to our future everything small packages. But our minds are becoming electronic immortality invisible to the naked eye, but we look closer eye’s get bigger evolution path. More options wider it opens our sensory more activity like circuit waves of a network. Where not a Stepford society all robotic one single thought losing control going paranoid. Robin birdie seeing the wrong numbers out of mind new sight open’s Tumblr or not ready to get into someone else’s twilight zone world. Do we all feel like creatures in an afterlife? One single word of a read step forward sky’s the limit- upward we like to keep our chin high. No digging for that negative going downward Let’s all have faith E-book it gives so many opportunity of flavor’s lights –camera just takes one single thought. Action it speaks: Director level big company communications. Words speak out attraction. Thanks to great science, and living new age. World of medicine all new, developments are happening One-Single-Thought A Whole Universe .com ****** In our society we are living, through a world, which vibrates circuit waves tell our bodies, how we are feeling.. Sound a touch, a walk, one powerful voice you talk, holding hands needs another chance healing. Who’s single as one or universal we become who we are Universe one single thought One Life ----- One Healthy Heart ----- One True Love ****** You’re the crystal light, shining troubles away, of the world. Goose bumps, first love, feels of chillness,” love stillness.” Cosmic cuddle no cartoon that’s me adventurous lady taking the high road, one jump, those feminine waters, of lagoon. Barcelona on the bay, reserve two sticky buns, of a spot at noon. Antique shops, heart pitter, patter, flip flops, on a replay marriage. You’re not the lady glued down; crying carriage yes sir that’s my baby. But you are ocean’s away blues town. Hollywood Rodeo drive, speed 69 magical sex, feels good shops. My heart, hot humid cool, vibration street car of desire racing, All the things I want, and see, like the Beatles let it be. Let it be magical miraculous all of me. Two soul’s song mix infusion one-single-thought vibration “Looking deep into a picture”, he’s the dream, built in my frame. So, I’m not that movie star. Hollywood housewife’s versus The City housewife’s real deal, when reality meets perception? Counting over shadows, our past of resurrection One single thought, wishing upon a star Eyes full of illusions, one single word, confusion, joy, sadness, madness or ingenious. How we address our anger only one thought love, Touch, vibration. Think dream commit through our eyes what’s real no act. What is waiting outside? How we react, Black limousine, wisdom of a new day arises. You can’t wait to start waiting for something amazing, innovative, indulging. You’re the number 1, prosperous rewarding; in a world we are all together. Brave heart one powerful executive “you” we feel like Woman of a multi-level marketing in the frontline, what we need is a stronger down-line one government or president sports oriented executive what we read in the fine e-book print of a congress Let’s go sporty shorts, of a man, not your sports, fan. One powerful thought, what a pitch of a game. What a price, it cost swinging, bat eyelash fame. Bucks of flames, got you thinking, is he the__ one___ or that single thought, light bulb single second ears ring or no such thing lets sip the exact second through one or two hearts make it three full cups of the ocean rubies shining like strawberries. Let’s whip it up, snow white, paint it, blackberry text. Dream white mouse creamy cloud, country villa, Minds relaxing, distinguished, he is. I’m the modern one good read mellow bliss I love my Cinnamon, cayenne hot fiery, pepper lady. He’s the nature man, cool and shady Were all full of gadgets and devices let’s go culinary spices. Good eats, good vibrations, comforts that entices. By the water, having a run private eye of a beach Mammas and the Papas long scolding of a preach Empty glass half filled senses taste heightened and chilled Heaven to klutzy who’s knocking on my door My body of brie tripped on the peep shoe of a floor No publishers clearing house I need to clear my money clouds Like the wild one the survivor far from the expert Why do we make wrong decisions getting hurt? Long lasting stretch, Marina Del ray I’m the scenic lady Nothing too boring, Van Cleef & Arpels, scoring I guess what a Mom break is in a million, what’s up brake dance kid of matzos. Let’s pull ourselves together Let’s move forward Let’s rock this girly planet Why so serious let’s be mysterious ****** ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book is dedicated, to my family, Mom Judith, and my Father Benjamin, we are called, the strong willed Sturman’s. My nephew, Glenn Sturman, I call him my gleam of God this book is dedicated to him also my other nephew, Kevin. I am so proud, of his CD, he did a creative job, way to go. It’s called Sterm Worm, Reality Meets Perception, I love the title. He’s on Face-book, his name is Kevin Sturman, but I would like, to talk about my nephew Glenn. He will forever, be around there’s not one day, I don’t talk to him. Or think of him, I found a comfort spot. I go everyday near the basketball courts, he was a great player. My comfort talk our hands, connect, he stays close to my heart. He was so amazing to me, he died way too young. So many talents, and things going for him, he would be so successful. I hold both of our tears, he was married had a great job. My nephew Glenn had a germ cell tumor. Everything in my life fell apart. I just couldn’t believe, this happening to him he’s alive. Not gone he is always around me Hi Glenn I love you. ****** Well Mom and Dad ****** Thanks so much, for bringing me, in this world. You were both incredible. You brought my unique qualities out, and made me, a better person. Difficult, and complex, strong Sturman bonding we faced everything together. I am so happy, I got your high, spirited energy, singing, and dancing. You brought out talents, I never knew, I had. How gratefully proud I am Thanks Mom . But something tragic happen to my Mom, she had Alzheimer’s it was written up in the papers. Moms story, how she was sexually assaulted, locked in the bathroom. For over twenty minutes n What nursing of a nightmare. I wouldn’t exactly call it a home; they didn’t watch them with caution. Careless just heartless acts I need people to understand there’s help, in the world for all of us including me. Too much suffering and hardship we had to endeavor. I would like to say at times, you’re not dealt with the right hands. It’s unfortunate that all of us, in this world can be amazing. But it’s too bad; it’s followed by things, demonic frightening world. My music gave me that inner peace, tranquility like those higher invisible forces. You may not see it, but it’s all around us, vibration. Everyone’s astral plane, our connection face-book doorway reach, for your higher goals, front movie seat of your eyes. Things do not land in your lap, it doesn’t work for you or someone else it takes time and a lot of effort long tired journey climbing the mountain we can never rush things in a snap. ONE POWERFUL THOUGHT PROLOGUE “Brave World of Hearts Woman” On this planet, how do we work? Every function comes from the core, of the brain Brain power need dopamine vibration keeps alive When you don’t produce enough dopamine, low energy hits like a hangover, feeling your time is over Roll over Beethoven ___this is my energy healing That food certainty we all know better, good eats Adds energy rush musically inclined in your beat Put your pretty face on add a touch more cheek blush Carbohydrates stick to a low, and don’t be crabby Don’t let your food make you high like cocaine, soon it’s too late bye bye Instead let music be your hyper rush Exercise and Yoga relaxation your meditations hush Schedule a fun dinner with your family, eat healthy brain food Let those quick thinking vibrations, brave world of hearts world of communication show your talent its up to you *You’re the Creation* Brave heart of a woman the core of a woman’s spirit and Vibrations come into play from her new existence world Change of environment embrace yourself wake up and See what’s around you how things connect with your mind Make your valuable time don’t leave it behind Einstein sky rocket stock market fast tips One thought becomes your higher levels; vibration moves Magical mountains from your lips Brave heart magnet inside you One Powerful thought where it will lead you. Need that perfect balance, pendulum, back and forth. New life new you, lets hold on, were almost there forward. Raging hormones, swimming robotically, end of your ropes vacation Younger sex drives Viagra bioidentical . go with the Flow Woman love of water Niagara including DHEA human growth hormones. Sex reboots Italian made leather man of Sicily. What a kick of a boot it up brain progesterone Bella Bella what a god of a fellow sexual vibration a frequency shouldn’t be lower than once a blue sad of a moon. Happy and healthy our existence poor getting closer to the middle high on life society bow dressed up diamond arrow Robin hood robbing the rich what a wife spa wrap chin rolls turkey world of fat free leg lean meat tortilla didn’t exactly hit my hot spot blazing Sun Sahara those sly fox Woman 14 carat jewels laying heavy weight but running robots serving our Husbands what are we multi –level marketing going up looking higher blue sky like Smart high-tech fox Google-it how I am feeling today frisky and furry chinchilla luck of the Irish color as green as avocado her car didn’t exactly make it to diamond rocks of skiing Colorado she ended up with fake carats in the boon docks of a stick not exactly the luckiest guy and that woman she didn’t play her cards smart and slick or that Voodoo of a Vixen eye’s worldly spellbound Rich man or you ending up with the Poor man what’s behind you and what to expect. After flung aboard a ship mist of getting herself in Robin order with who or what?? How can I count every single day reading a book one’s contemporary ones full of Robin mystery and one opens up world of history or European French novels Wee wee self confidence bring the other side out have a costume party getting in a higher New York state of mind “loving your feminineness”. Stay with the movie flick let it move with you or move through you. Hear what makes sense too many things are complicated and many times so getting over the hill so so overrated. Sometimes what’s being heard is so foolish and absurd. We must conquer regardless if you are on the bottom feeling small or your the working class mid life in the middle let your worries pass you will find it when you need it in the end make it last. Your challenges are not always an easy friend. We need to work harder be more rational helping hands will extend. Or your restless hands been cursed what could be ever worse you can change it make yourself brighter sun yellow orange or pink. That pink blonde dizzy of a drink corner of your glass see through a guys killer smile or he’s taking your credit card go with your instincts What’s in it for you he has nothing to show no credentials of a wink Be successful every move and act brings potential or a whole lot darker paint it black hear a haunting voice from your past you want to run you have no choice What a impact positive outlook anticipation happiness our brain requires a lot of thinking like counting currencies change of money foreign exchange or one valuable collectors coin like magic split in half which side is better to show Transformation that’s you. ****** Chapter ONE Everyone Moving Forward Robin’s World on a freeze Brooklyn girl alley cat going frantic in a witch’s hat but ten times worse it makes you want to fly Robin fly. That’s me let’s get to the page there’s no performer where far from a stage. I am bringing my story forward before I do that I will be tumbling through please no” Tupperware ladies”. Going back to the eighties tumbling through time going backwards to the time Brooklyn Jewish Hospital the day I was born I “thank god everyday Robin bird is here” But a sign from Jews of God I had a fifty another fifty please. They gave me a change of living I was an incubator baby. But someone up there really liked me angel good and kosher no time to be chicken butcher so tiny 5pounds” one single thought” 1 ounce like a Torah of healing, my therapeutic gem higher energies of a mountain fresh angelic miracle born September twenty second nineteen fifty four hour on six twenty. My parents lived on six fifty five Wyona Street in Brooklyn N.Y. What a roar of family clothes roaring twenties what a era I remember I was a very poor eater nagging me like a kvetch I felt like a long never-ending stretch pulling my arm flexible taffy. Reborn needed to feel fresh alive no negative thoughts brain wave builds fears Strong Sturman blood line no sweat and only happy times of tears Bad heart of enemies here’s to your health my rich relatives of wealth Hate fast junk food deep fried clogging up your arteries. At least I got my food the Feng shay blessing of good health all the way. My life is far from glitzy do you get the picture paparazzi! How many mistakes I made wondering what could I have done? To change my way of thinking was it all in the timing how wrong. But felt proud today how I deliver my words of a song I need this law of attraction into a plan of action. Have everything to do with vibratory fields, movement of attraction. Beloved one takes action the other one eternity, full of energy robust. Brooklyn bridge prayer answered love of lust good, or bad, left over with weird cruel. World did I forget uugggh ugly. Our eyes of a lens life has uncertainty, but full of possibility. Generative energy change takes over what’s in the events of our world. Just takes one thought of wisdom. Spiritual awareness evolves of transformation. Healing mind inner peace we find let’s not leave one good thought behind. Were all thinkers of quantum physics? Synchronicities have to do with emotions too much press of fears. How do we measure time quickly balance our years. Dreams of mystery open a world of history and events. Times we remember in our past or what’s in the now. Learn from mistakes forever young steps watch your back your chin high beautiful bluest of sky. You’re on the right track someone may surprise you from your past. Heavenly remembering that chock full of nuts Mom and me Cream cheese and walnut sandwich. What’s between our bread like a web of connection? Three words of speech but one single thought Society, World, how we vibrate. Whatever the mind expects it will seize to find. When things get lonely it’s Mom, and me only, were going Downtown. When you’re alone when life is moving but you’re on freeze lonely you can always go down spirits up shop Downtown Downtown we all got those sad eye thoughts and worries. Harry Winston jewels addiction diamond works like magic one time hurries. Neon lights get low stay with the rhythms Red Robin Bosa Nova Lights are pretty you’re the woman love that Serendipity now going back Remembering going Downtown in Brooklyn, loved A&S flashback vanilla single moments carefree custard I remember my Mom’s low point that’s when she took me to Gimbals’ and I told her to pick something out for herself She always told me that story how I was so caring and sensitive First look the final word first thing that comes to your mind. Good humor truck hearing the bell sound happy couldn’t wait to get a taste. Not letting a moment go to waste. Life was easy Mom performer four starlet sisters, Andrew sisters, what a show of resisters. Let’s back it up stay in the moment Good Einstein memories younger quicker speedy Energy converted to mass ******* e=mc don’t be a square ******* Power thinking saved you one good single token fare. Locomotive speed but single one thought, helped you make the right move. Sun drenched strawberries what a patch of love grove. Here comes the sun your energy, source crystals, minerals, going on a magical mystery tour watch out generals Superman flying high no lucky writing for me hands telling my story Robin on freeze fly. It’s my story forward. Let’s focus on the now you will not find a audience me taking a bow Although I was on TV Wonder-rama or know should I say what’s with all the drama loved Sony Fox Open up a new world mystery of a paradox. It’s been backwards my world freeze planet zone too long. You almost want to give up, confide in your closest friend. I’m this diamond so called new age planet rough ‘Unexplained phenomenon” Second half of the twentieth century mind going crazy new age why me!! Always wanted to be someone else new chapter page nature. Two tigers looking intensely at one another strength and wisdom are shown. Her eyes what you want to see is not that sharp shine of a knife what you see is this person wanting so much to achieve a better life. Go with your heart openly reveal. Let’s make a deal with god long healing process. You’re the boss no cross of the heart start over new dress Open up your heart throws away the key, it’s good to confess. Good Moms nurturing putting energy where it belongs. Creatures of habits hearing different ethnics of songs Fulfillment completely alone always remember a talk with a friend. Half empty of a moon gets filled up with richness of friends. Hold it takes one single thought memory or pray for a miracle. All in the timing Empower your words whole world, opens and transcends. One married thought or one single thought got you too snap, no tricks what’s right or dead ringer wrong no time straight jacket Joan Crawford world of phobias. Oh where oh where is that Mystery Man transformer. Amazon-Tarzan me Jane performer, Ginger Rogers go dancer with Fred Astaire, tap of the chimney, bloody kid nose reindeer. Flying jet set it’s no bet, that pot of gold, won’t be in your landing. All work and planning it won’t land in your lap like a big climb of a ladder Everything can fall in a second or a snap Are we all a mystery what’s inside our package? Are we traveling with disguises phony credit cards of the world? luggage do we take it, Or try to make it, or is this world crumbling hands shaky vibration Looking in the mirror pieces of your life good and bad don’t break it You are the mirror of the world hang on to what you got take it Let it shine through you brave heart. “You got it” Getting your wish your hair is flawless, be careful what you wish for. Wizard of the Oz Rainbows of Robin’s is it over not to be Brainless, face changed needed more courage please not a scare crow of heart. The rose perfect or imperfect two type of riders Hells angels’ road of their own divided love spiritual angels well guided dreamer and fantasy riders’ power thinking mix of everyone’s happiness so much Possibilities don’t confuse our words with wrong Infusion. It’s time to face all your fears my big sign on the mirror screams Face-it-Robin anything is possible. The smaller the rose it starts out fresh your face gets a glimpse to see what next lifted stronger love of gods hope is. The earths we value so much take true form heart transition. Were under new age movement . Were full of family secrets like a CIA but not taking care of all our business or not highly educated in those prestigious universities. Or were not mingling with the right groups too poor to be somewhere in the middle or not a better roses with the riches Baby boomers damaged goods broken heartless affair devilishly scandalous Hollywood delish paparazzi scrumptious another bloody marry or another balls-up then living in the employed world of innovative Devices but you are the housewife going frantic under-employed menace just remembering that TV show we loved so much Dennis the Menace You needing or could be anyone new age recovery always in your life something goes wrong call 911 emergency. I’m Queen bee of the house but nothing sitting in the bank my money is here one day and than its gone throwing money in a piggy bank not a click-bank in a Indian work of art vase Just pennies for your thoughts shabby-chic going backwards like the vintage lady taking one step forward but feeling held back. Needing a recharge super-lady of the supermarket Lettuce Boston, Romaine whatever your mix is so many variety why do we buy the same thing European mix my favorite but we end up with Romaine. You wanting the caviar millionaire Man of stars enjoying your mansion Italian marble shining gold floors wishful thinking no greener pasture knocking at your doors discovering the new you circuit of a network growing and your living on freeze Robin birdie not showing I feel like it’s not my greener pasture invisible forces of a different plane my calling Earth to Robin By the time you come home your picking out all the leaves that went bad you end of with nothing Or it’s your word against his but bruised mind it gets better you’re the lady with the fine reputation and he is the man wanting so much more in relations. This dark world comes at you full of blackmailers, drug dealers, or computer hackers. We need to be a army of drill sergeants of attackers * * * * * * * * * * * Serenity of a Scottish drink, of castle no prince, man he’s the same stereo loud. I rather have him sophisticated, easy going, or that intellectual with potential. Gold of a honey too many types, measuring them up, by the car they drive. Your more down to earth ears sensitive touch of a flow .the true blue sky of Infusions or diversions. I pad of Rapp, hip hop rock, Robin’s sing play it up Pop. I tunes, sounds heavy like two hundred people of pounds Stereos. Dunking he or you milky mustache lips black and white Oreos. One single cookie spreads super world of heroes. Or ruining battle face pressed going wrinkled, lines imperfection. Goes along way, loving world of affection or we are, making the wrong choices rejection. Doesn’t suit your taste, matter of discovery eye to eye both in the race. Clean as a whistle, tiffany diamond in a rough company’s going to the opera you hear his one voice of symphony. Mistress of a mess she’s not the right girl black book of a dress. Stack and packs of cigarette Queen of Clutter smoking up the gutter you need a high energy peak triple- A- state of the art bank won’t turn up your click bank. Code breaker hot shot of a sneak heartbreaker you’re really nothing but a hound dog rocking Jewels what a singer and Elvis whole lotto shaking going on her breast New Jersey girls all women fighting transform them into therapeutic Jewish gem Dreams of a Jeanie no notes in a bottle seven wishes sail boat spiritual manifestation where will it take you so worthy of a vacation one word can be the answer to another person’s destiny Money and dreams Forbes those investments not your treasure passion you want fruit forbidden. Find your piece of happiness what’s hidden giving off heat light and energy what symmetry your steps in your walk soothing music of artistry another step were all in tune with something else I identify myself a lot like Marilyn Monroe She had hardship growing up I’m not comparing oranges to apples or drinking those high energy Snapple’s. What I had was quite different but I have a greater understanding and I feel someone else’s pain deeply like mine not a sunny picnic of a day needs attention stage of a shine One single thought performance rhythms and shine be confident in your home of resident keep that chin high Fly Robin Fly one powerful thought all your reasons why Waiting in vain for the moment aren’t we all the same creature Of habits magic trick out Of the Diva hat filled with sperm cells of rabbits that brought back a memory of my brother bat mitzvah it was so cool for the sixties we had a photographer doing tricks for that time it was really great trick photography I made my brother Disappear at the end by clapping my hands so nice of a memory I guess I really didn’t want him to disappear My unique theatrical family, not you’re all in the family, which we watched. All the time together, enriched like social-lites. They always made you laugh; it made you want to help others realize life has more to give laugh-love and live. So Talented Mom and her sisters. What stars eyes of Garnets, my family of starlets? This is my very first book, I am so proud, I am a creative writer. I put a lot of effort, and time in my writing, to bring out the humor. And fun of things, it hasn’t been a picnic, for me and my family. I am a creative writer; I won various Directors Awards, for my work. This helped me to be more confidence, and brave hearted. To achieve higher things in this world got me out of my fears. I’m still working on that, nothing is perfect, it’s better to have Imperfections Little madness goes along way----- genius ****** Chapter TWO SEX THAT SIMPLE ELEMENT One- Subconscious- Thought Find your comfort zone could be near a tree, smell of flower. Relation taking a bath, or in the shower exercise your body. Take a walk, or a run, casual gal inviting another pal Two peas in a pod two I pod’s Both of you music of a different drum balances Love addition sum. To be alone or with a friend both back’s straight. Simple element relaxes your mind meditation feel of shoulders. Calm abdominal breathing visualizes floating. You’re both in the air I know this all sounds crazy but believe it works. Your eyes half closed visualize the things you want the Most in your life keep focused on those things. Do at least five cycles of deep breathing keep breathing? Concentration and light it’s like yoga sex and love meditation Some enchanted candles mine was bean pod Plumeria. Scented ones open your passages of horizon Invigorating and energizing your spirit just live it. Simplest element to work it Give you the energy also we all need to remain calm find your sunset of a spot special place; that’s your comfort zone. Power thinking that hold the key to your existence. A smile starts on your expressive lips. A grin spreads good spirit see it in your world open eyes. But a good laugh burst of a universal love. The soul overflows, and vibrates all around us. Human heart arrow gets a better aim, and perspective. Are we minds inside another mind flesh inside flesh? Your vibration telling you your next move what to address Not a wish something real path leading me please not unknown to me what truly endeavors Gods our savior it’s your energy field. New sphere new dimension your love and sex reinvention. Mine has been around fashion and bright world of cosmetics Be around things that make you feel alive. Get away from Darkness and things to bring your spirit low. Also this implies to your friends meet people that are confident. Happy you positive brighter outlook turn on the light energy. When you master your control of energy you learn to sense other people’s energy. Brooklyn strong roots pictures modeling pose trees or prayer. You’re lucky tree spot or not fighting winning shot. What you end up with crushed love ice cubes. People looking up waiting in vain like the song you’re so vain. I’m not that Carly Simon song. Power words hold to your heart strong inspiring my lyrics touch people enlightening Cover on a book to many wrong fishes, down low hooked. She looked way up painted heaven on the ceiling felt dreamy. By the bay that distinguished looking guy took her hands. Underworld or going over wild paradise. Her skin felt his fire no stopping just one thought kept her going she’s been hurt so many times. Someone was spinning her around the earth single one thought, *She’s worth* She would not want to leave his lips his lingering cologne fingers. How they orchestrated her heart, like a wickedly delicious concert. There’s always one single thought that bonds us together. Goddess of power Michelangelo that Sistine chapel was a miracle flood showers Love collection mysterious allure. She seemed bookish but he was a master knowing his woman. What a craft man ship she looked at him amorously but he got her memorized She’s showing her personality day time game of décolletage. Movie reeling sinfully him love her way writing on his back. Like a story of her game her possession of love never ending Those condom twin girls no one knew which one from the other Which man they slept with monkey curiosity George sex they were playing for keeps twins of a vixen devilish sleeps Woman of their prime world unchanging no lies stealing Lovers or betrayal perfect shapely caressed like stillness time not moving painting still life before he came after me second time honeymoon. She was suffocating in the wind, can I start over where I begin. Her torment not a pretty painting of her life was sent Seduction of innocence Virginity purity openly but had dignity “One Single Thought” Sensual pleasure trees Ivy League Colleague First time writing his--- secret message---he loved her “Smells of Sachet”. She wouldn’t bother him to stop. She was open to him feast of carnal, a lot to learn birds chasing honey away from bees Dysfunctional iced away brain manifestation taking over sex feline blushing Valentine red too icy ghostly walking dead pale she wanted to transform into a Sex –horny-honey-Queen--- Bee-- her multiple orgasm times of mating Trapping her lover man love nest present. Driving a taste Mon Cherie good pleasurable tart like a teenager one is twenty two and broken mind one foolish thought….. Never to be bought. Race dragged him and her world’s flames apart a man juicy good eat apple thoughts wild Viagra One bad love apple Paris sensual words high peaks bodies of water Niagara He pulled the sponge Bob from her drenching starving fingers. Those drips never stopping lemon pie lingers He was putting himself in for the love of god. Cleanses spiritual hands What a black backless very low to her crack. Chess Queen. Tainted heart of a hand wrong move underworld land. Carved crystal necklace he was a master of his craft with persuasion. No distraction her one wish love went to heights of infatuation. Desperate steal your breath away gorgeous housewife Oy Gevalt Russian roulettes love seeded what a catch of the rye frantic call migraines of a headache drug no sniff of a dog track Another round of the IRS too bad I couldn’t go back My initials RS those strong willed Sturmans. Catch a rising star big movie screen book those parties Charlie Sheen three brothers meet the Thurman smartens. Good earth Brooklyn girls read cultured love my aunt Pearl S so smitten satisfied kitten bonds what Bucks Frantic tongue of a map across the universe Mazel tov I guess that love Titanic lost love saved a heart what anticipation. Hard taffy constipation couldn’t pull me together through thick milkshake. That olive oil and water don’t mix well. Falling for a tin man through thick and thin no diamond just metal. Wasn’t to kosher belly like high waves didn’t settle Lost all my Vegas chips left with my chicken soup. Hanging to dry still singing wet, his. Aura passed love drenched. No director at my wet feet just a hit man shooting my bunny pop. Sugar French daddy my rescue wee wee aching tush. One voice powerful speech perennials Bush. Love dearly. French hospitality wee wee are you going to hassle me sex of a beat Refresher course please publishes what dirt of a beat. The picture set my debut is over losing gambling bet. Four leaf St Patrick’s parade, green hair soft core porn charade. Those endless possibilities it’s never over Georgia peachy. that’s me grin worship of a tree falling heart of crushed cherries oy-vay Robin’s nest Feng- shay cooking in order East meets West master of cooking two heads Ming spring Robin fling French tongue cooking go Pepin explosion of the mouth snatcher French connection la-di-da body snatcher Chinese cleaver beaver noodle mixed up love deceiver of lasagna On-air aliens of a wedding new paper heading Love goes sour grapes something mysterious never serious escape. Yes-Sir sour grapes Jewish princess Girl what a messy fed-up with your Ex pile Princeton press Girl rocky road of dress aphrodisiac car engine hip turner Movies Marilyn Monroe curvy bus stops gas burner Sky there’s all limitation how high to her mountain tops White heavenly halter gun of dress beauty madness is genius That naked gun of a flyer big spender of a buyer park the car love went top off tipsy no Park avenue princesses Remember those women with the high stacks bee hives Climb the highest hair of the mountain set her hair on fire Feel the vibration in your feet move to the people that are influential increase your face value mama mia bring out your essentials that’s who’s of the who’s meet a Dr end up with rhymes so smitten Seuss like a proposition offer you take it--- or make it---or refuse it go with your instincts one single powerful thought don’t abuse it the whole fresh make up kit and caboodle walk in the city watch out pink poodles Ellie and Cody dapper dash hounds running on roller skates loosing 22 marbles license plates higher steps see what’s in your shoes that dog no gold of a bone bark of a ring no Bill of a collector keep that Camera steady projector stretch for money accordion open wider brother David basketball Superman flying tall his turn winner autographed signed ball City marathon big change you made it end of the line Transformation beginning new world (It’s All Mine) Chicken of a Wish bone you need a daily break in your life Smells of Cinnamon make room spacey Brooklyn girl Victoria secret Lacey runner up Ted or Teddy I swear the pur perfect spy silk panties Ferocious fanny of the boots with spurs what sex purr fancies. That Brooklyn Bridge how sweet it is but don’t jump go higher Drunken singer what computer views what a headache like remembering those terrible twos Lemon meringue snowy white river foams from the top Suitcases open hearts closed and locked the key no heart Man on their Harleys she’s biting her red nails hells angel tips Heavy metal music breaking up she parted her lips Those 45 singles record high stacker Powder puff Sugar high society of the bands went through his kiss Tomato Tuscany villa overlooking water dancing can can legs. All over crushed tomato sassy. Lady distressed knees. Cleaning up son’s toy lego’s getting a kick bee sting Moulin rouge camera touch up eyes luminescent shadows our past holding moments that stay true heart forever last. Lower and lower beauty of the sunset bikinis higher boost of the buns Dean Martin go martinis old black magic crystals hands of a work of art Frank Houdini of a hairdresser cut out hearts. Rockin Robin Rocker bands ultimate music my room touching Sticky finger Rolling Stones Doors album, Bob Dylan knocking on heaven’s door What a parachute Moms life only takes one cruel falling Only god’s prayers of a calling Judy’s turn to cry my Mom died a long time ago When she first got that horrible disease all of us the pain Was too much family around us was not enough to ease India spice holistic for me what you will see your taste buds Rose buds of a petal renew your spirit comes alive all over the bed Don’t worry about the marriage or coach ride near Central Park Looking up what a beauty sex symbol Marilyn Monroe face mark Coach it up bag or ripping your pantyhose what a rip of a snag He’s on file got caught won’t be hanging around this part of town Swaying mob of a hit bedroom eyes spin of a jet lag Looking like Raggedy Ann or what a luggage of lies Andy Feeling to sick no caviar higher flights rock Candy I think I said enough skin of a elephant too Brooklyn tough Swimming getting out of the water cold feeling towel over you Than what’s next sun strong drying mans of lays no miracle? What a strawberry patch of a face felt like hiding invisible man of a trace Fake of a bake tanning either way you put it not practical planning Bring your creative skills so artsy full of pizzazz be your own rebel have your voice heard on the radio let your voice take it to the max heard in a studio Holistic bring it on artistic razzamatazz so full of surprises pizzazz No shining like a sun goddess or man and woman godless No man or keep your royalties of a prince or no god to address Those computers mood switches sparks of a plug feel it in her hug like lips expressively fall deeply apart better things fall together Or it warfare underworld good and evil forces Good Israel dead to the sea palm working hands one good apple of a tree of ecstasy. it’s up to you and me full of vitamins and minerals everything has a plan of principles getting a good star of brownie girl or tom boy scouts running through a farm peas in a pod sprouts way up your skirt hiking mountains movie scouts Let’s not shoot reputation her heels straight for his private parts Force of Twin Rivers running like bounty hunters bull eye hearts No honey moon new age of arrival or what next survival Honey concoction honey Queen of the bees Do a Grace Kelly hands on that cabaña man Not the best choice honey mustard or a spicy hot ketchup Messy affair mind your business shut up Dolce & Gabannas going bananas tongue drop corset No proposals at your knees gefilte fish jelled sticky fingers dish some kick horse radish Beavis what heh heh heh butthead girl suspicious what can be more nutritious lake of Como computer Encounter too many steps to climb with Mario don’t believe everything that you think is delicious something good Could turn dangerous sign evil ferocious Burns the soul foot of a witch doctor I have one foot of bunions Always had a good prediction when it rained tingles of pain Bunions or hey ladies peeling off white pearls onions don’t cry Hereditary it’s not a minister of the monetary Don’t be prudish poor and proper red devil rude-ish ****** Chapter THREE Happiness Be A+ it wouldn’t hurt Bad Habit One single thought fantasies far out of reach we go higher. That lotto winning dressed up diamonds are a girl’s best friend collar This planet’s surface how many different faces happy sad or going Bungers so mad like a scientist to much complexity what a list Life of a turning point dead end of a twist Jekyll jewels and Hyde hype Please ladies stay away from formula lab man type. Accomplish something that challenging has more insight and wisdom Horray horray hallelujah Like the Beatles song Happiness is a warm gun. let’s make a switch Your happiness is sugar sweet coated with memories of fun Looking down eye wink of a stabber like those Italians customs What a cheek of a grabber or those women loud statement Chatter gift of a gag box or take a sail Nova Scotia gold treasure For the love of god keep away from my lox Four corners of checkers black and white man’s boxers looking through girls just want to have some dirt in their lockers too much of a meat market you’re not in the Kosher shop Match maker my Mom told me to marry a sugar daddy pop Circle of L O V E Os and Os L for living O for only you V for Victory Everlasting E for eternity Bulls eye Italian horns what a temper let’s be human or half That Valentiino where are we heading straight for my heart Right on the stained glass come to me cappuccino what a con Who needs a Don Juan of a waiter what a snap of the wallet alligator? This is not fresh pick of a hitter man staying with boost of flavors He dunked too much dough of nuts mob of favors On that Brooklyn bridge compromising way off your rocker position Dissatisfying premonition mind so negative blank no thanks to you I’m not your super lady smoking joint of poses leave those dying bloody roses he’s not a superman miracle slimming of my waist able to leave tall building in a sex and single bound what a fly bird and plane locomotive speed and sound Human heart like an arrow straight for his heart Can’t tell a book by its lovers Sorry naked truth covered with music sheets please no covers Satin sheets love not finished lingers on and on goes on and on I need to relax head to my toes keep up with me massage feet At the end of eternity you against the whole planet Minnie me World of love of lies sorry no Strawberry pies your high hopes down the drain love mysterious so toxic sea sick floods of tears rain rain go away come back miss Mary mack mack all dressed in black dress to die for black with silver now pushing my buttons get off my back this would be the 21 century version friendly billionaire jazzy ring harem of beauties escort night stands extra extra read all about overdose of shopping what sports what balls of his flights missing Bobbie Brown eyed java lady she took over transformation rocker girly deep set eyes shady Smokey eye patch of a liner pen spread Smokey salmon yuck hands Concerts killer bands my David Bowie ground control to major tummy April fools number l first thought comes to my mind that written word all I see is pranks Poker game dime of a dozen franks this is not Coney Island Beach spin the bottle your bare remember who you are Your a New Yorker, wearing your New Jersey to the top of the hill of Beverly Hills’ or that playboy of orgasm pills French therapy crêpes high society of a whip zip and zoom make a romantic room for the cat chasing her chastity string let you’re Happiness ---be--- A+ of a Habit or sadness –be ---f failure—bad habit sometimes in our blood line were born to be bad let the joy shine through sun rise magical miraculous franchise Communication sometimes things are small down to the very bottom It’s your stage take over the show what’s inside Your heart is everything you know I’m not this pompous person I’m far from conceded I have higher expectation to be fulfilled and needed. That’s where you make your impressionable start. Our happiness vibration sixth sense it’s through your heart your lover with that fourteen carat snob honey. Double talker lover you need your own space planet and your words of your mind you trace Planet girly zone of a bar close to your heart your fourteen carat gold of a Jewish Star calling a good friend conversation lights up like a milky way connection you feel each other’s vibration 22 days going up to 30 days another month keep the pace show through your confidence powerful face I was locking not opening my heart showing the world its always new you play up your part. I was locking my heart and soul to face it’s never too late to create your destiny you’re the center of your entire being love and affection. Moons silvery see that white beaming light what encounters winding tunnel mysterious night? Face pale your spirit renew awakening cool like the techno color Bluest of blue My time Oceans Hampton’s away queen of champions. Everybody plays the fool cheater world of love. Things are Unknown world mysterious people get too serious. White light bulb moment solar light Opens up e-book world of fire uplifted energy it’s written all over your face beauty and tragic world you must find your place. Touches of hand vibrations having a flashback remembering what felt good, but surrounded by evil forces, cruel world. I will never forget September eleventh 2001 Beautiful Twin proud standing Towers world of people missed every move and act needs attention create your reinvention Envision shape your mind of colors Interpretation Colors of Power Interpretation of Colors Warm ones Warm hearted red roses let’s not forget Strawberries Play a role in your bed What’s going through his head hammer your red nails? Take some long rides smooth sails Zest of a tree orange hold a good thought Love that’s precious could never be bought All we need is love all we need is love Strawberry fields forever Cooler funky ones Body vibration green earth planet Body of blue water movement Disco Latin hustle dancer sparkle shoes Remember blah blah School Monday blues. Hendrix guitar hit like a hurricane Jimmy haze Forget me not flower power purple passion hour Go plants, trees smell of fresh grass Proposals bee stings of the knees Ill pass Green grasshopper small but big with envy Help help me remember Rhonda Crystal smile politically correct Jane Fonda Let’s book- it Dick and Jane wow do I look forward for age spot!.. Won’t get that thrill of a movie shot Get those shades on Sun Ray Liotta Let’s be a good or a bad fellow Break the love of a web code Know where you’re heading sharp curve road Wealth power makes some sense Be serious about your life no nonsense free spirited types living for the moment. Seize your moment knight protected shield Strawberry vibration love fields Signs in your body don’t go breaking my heart Over the Planet this is not Kansas no Rainbow We do need a Rainbow diet Yellow bright neon sun vitamin D good Garlic no evil world of vampires let’s Google it Ginger Gilligan’s island girl spice up your heart Rosemary. She will keep your heart pumping Pomegranates passion sensitivity. Statue of liberty watermelon too many bad seed of a felon Fruit of the god’s country vibration fields of energy. Be strong and bold disappointments it’s not your shot Greek Goddess of love heart’s pumping hot high lows need a healthy balance fountain of youth will keep all of us sold lord created this world heaven and earth of gold Strawberry jumping stars of field’s youth forever Revolution army fire with desire it’s your combat College New Jersey campus go Rutgers keep on choppin Rhythm and balance between two hemispheres Brain evolves electricity waves high plateau or low platoon Two spots uncontrollable raising the glass of mimosas Stronger love connection stays with you hypnosis Like the eve of destruction falling into a hole wearing yourself out to the very bottom looking furlong down to your sole Being so depressed putting on your pretty black number feel those good vibration in the dress What’s next going to the village I loved walking so many shops? alot of joints taking puffs and puffs not the right dragon I was more in tune with the year of the dragon Our demon of demons feel anxious nervous Irritable edgy jumping beans President Reagan jelly beans feel most comfortable in those distressed blue jeans book read of Norma Jean and what about sexy James Dean it matches my face like the dreamer finding a sunny water place going for a physical mammography please no breast of a lumpy waiting anticipated for your results or have lower standards Meeting the wrong man too much alcoholic dumpy get a routine checkup yearly every two years God help me decide what to do with my fears My face of the fairest but far from Mommy dearest Longevity wisdom right vibe lifted spirits You lose your vibration chemical reaction of rhythm Build up those muscles of attraction International world vibration of a different drum ****** Chapter FOUR Joy Luck Robin 22 Movie I-Pad tycoon It’s my world you got a lot of living to do Washing away your guilt and pain it’s like That carved energy of crystal shimmer from The power sun but it gets blue jean faded and worn Higher subconscious Cushion cut of a diamond seat Keep your spirits high like the day you were born Whole life of a plan geared up for a movie beat Create you happiness audience of a fan Lets not stop dreaming keep your dreams and expectations high don’t be afraid of change always another chapter in your life keep your spirits high don’t let that falling star bring you down decide things with your heart coming to new age world treat yourself glass through the window Chateau Lafite your achievement and accomplishments bring you to a spiritual higher group of commitments what a whiney case what’s love got to do with it Court-ney I feel like a toxic underworld lowered my energy Concentrate listen to the music change of mythology Chanel spray perfume gun Mafia those girls around 22 fit to be tied Shakespeare play love notes I love neighhhhh no one from the horse’s mouth Joan endless laughs open up rhinestones of rivers pretty in pink diamonds blackest secret Victoria silk gown ready to rock the Big Jupiter jealous wife town but if you invest in a luncheon in trumpet up jewels it will remain with you what appears true heart Magic fingers of five watch out Hollywood wives Prosperity emotions vibration tiger looking eye to eye courage to know yourself patience to accept the truth only makes you stronger Beauty for your eyes only channel in longer secrets of a garden of strawberries Robin red breast that’s me like a bird of worries Chinese system of Chi human energy field Viscera organs connected flow western medicine Sometimes your negative energies take over Blockages those imbalances I’m describing how I feel we can manage and control energy system aura Spiritual healing we all have a gift of life it called the second Charka there are effects in everything we do drinking coffee wakefulness your mind can’t stop thinking false hope you feel like climbing high on those ropes opening up to get breather second family dysfunctional things hold your horses what about wedding rings Julia Roberts in the movie wedding ring song and dance flushing the toilet rings evidence she left behind sometimes its good to have a white lie your not that piece of jewelry you deserve better life of pie like the movie White Oleander loved that movie also Michele Pheiffer the painter like me love to paint I wish I was near the water she couldn’t let go of her daughter the struggles through foster homes Im sure all of us have a connection to a movie we saw Movie Sleeping with the Enemy Patrick Bergin great acting I really identified With so many parts in the movie the best one Was when she lied to her husband about her swimming? She saved her life like she died and was reborn again That’s exactly how I am feeling something changed in me I feel different in my mind and body this gift Of writing came to me about a year ago or more Just like that I was not the scholar writing wiz in school I never knew how to write lyrics which I am proud To say I won several Director Awards for my words someone gave me a second chance I’m different. Cultural diversity steps forward we all have variety And a lot of anxiety in our look or something we read identify in a book World of opportunity have a stronger belief the dance goes on. Our environment community, we stick together, in form and unity. Sticks to your flight, we all have high hopes, and expectations. Or low ski slopes different diversions Open your horizon breathe in and out have a good excursion Don’t quit ever there’s always opportunity don’t be digging through detours let’s move together standstills . There are plenty of obstacles we must reach. The most important thing catches your breath, refreshing smell deep water passage, your comfort place Robin birds of a message live in a society we don’t get a breather second make that your priority we all have responsibilities where did that time go college kids face-book sorority. Be serious when you need too Look ahead let your heart urge you on. The way it should search for your goals. You want the most write it down keep a journal. Transform into something beautiful aura passes with aging. Always tomorrow you are your own success just never know what opens around you. Stay calm you know you’re cool like your in high school. Kid of prodigy we dream to be but we have wisdom and guidance .world too see No more studying fuelling your brain with geometry. Keep climbing higher rope you know what’s against you. Competition of the love wars alien, creatures of mars. Don’t let people or loved ones bring you down. Remember who you are your that high spirited girl. Sex driven keep liven your own creation paint town. Mind is full of thoughts regardless if there good. Watching the TV News’s battered Woman turn into brave heart Woman * * * * Counselors get help there’s always help like working on a marriage….. We need a stronger connection it’s a very stressful I guess everyone has their share of money problems Living a day to day existence more respect for one another Difficult times could be anyone Mother, father, or your brother My husband is sick with a heart condition a fibualtion Irregular heartbeat he gets so weak Demons of demons medicine. He also developed tinnitus it’s so horrible when he’s trying to sleep. That noise gets you insane he sleeps with relaxing or uplifting Music or sounds on the computer other people that are going through this. He can’t sleep sometimes he’s on sleeping pills. Well getting back to me my life is on freeze I call myself Robin Birdie I am trying so hard to fly but I cannot move I’m staying put To achieve so much, but money became my biggest problem We live in a money world not many things are free even though I try to stay free spirited in my mind relaxed, so much I need to get things in the right perspective it’s what we all want to accomplish we all need to achieve. Money problems never leave its always how we relate. Are we too late? What do we believe, World to deceive? There’s something out there for all of us. Days of our lives that expression all in the timing. That’s why I wanted to tell the world how much pain is inside me That’s where I failed, I wasn’t independent I felt frightened So many other people have that fear to be alone I felt inadequate I wasn’t strong enough all the warning signs cost of living * * * * Living day to day in a dying world On my own that were my demons of demons Maybe I should stick to a refresher course cleansing my soul. Or going cross country all in good spirits control. Those evil forces I felt they got to me, I couldn’t get out. Of my fears and such anxiety I had my license when I was younger I remember the big bow my Mom and Dad got me, That was my baby Robin red breast my duster Brooklyn tough as nails watch out buster did it move. I went to the beach, I should of had papa of a preach. And when I was leaving to go home it was raining hard. Head of a rock and hammer shaky red nails. Were was the power sun when I needed it yellow submarine sails I had my first skid of a accident what a turn I finally got Myself out of this mess making a deal like my end of a wheel. Kept turning and turning eventually I got saved Thank god I didn’t bang into another car. Today I don’t even drive now that’s my own demons. Good massage of hands your husbands’ stimulation But we are all ready to go on a nice vacation my son Charlie Wants to go to Niagara Falls Ontario good choice but I wonder If we will get there I never know or could I predict what will be It reminded me of this song my Mom sang when I was just a little Girl I asked my mother what should I be casadahsada whatever will be will be the futures not ours to see. Took over our lives every time we want to do something Its in the way of everything we do how can I enjoy my life Heart palpitations or manifestations has to do with Quick pace we are living world of vibrations need to slow down Good and the evil forces losing identity time running out all in the timing takes the courses. ****** Chapter FIVE I would talk and I felt no one hearing or listening to me Or when my family replied back it wasn’t something I needed to hear, We all have problems no one should shut you out Or shut you up, I have a loving family, but things get out of hand I feel I got a bad deck of cards in my hand As if I wasn’t there how many people can relate to this? Felt so alone wanting to reach out to someone understanding my pain looking out of my window heavy heart drips mixed with my tears of rain looking at these people out there holding hands smiles and good conversation saying when will that be me I was wondering people that were walking did they feel what I was feeling. My life is so complex and thing so unsettling Fashion girl love my Be Be favorite me perfume Chanel #5 or smells of wonder of imagination feeling alive Soir De Paris I love European style glad I went to France Riviera ocean my second chance to rise powerful awaken sunrise What’s inside too much clothes we hold onto we got to get rid of Like a disease we clutter our minds I felt I was the only one going through this how much time to miss Or the one vibration going through you that power through your walk Flying high big dreams, expectations your future what we have to confess. Are you that aging woman mess wrinkled dress not me ha ha what do you end up with long twist Island expressway hey misters? Low-cut Bikini the Hampton’s ocean waves magical Houdini cars by the dozen getting stuck in traffic getting the finger pointer sisters. You ask yourself why me how do I start over playing for keeps Jump out of his car beeps love me love me not love me so what False hopes of a clover when will I meet my prince of a throne seat What’s in it for me I feel a different drum to his beat? Energy our landscape where do I fit twilight night lit finding the row you fit into song of a harmonizer landscape Mazel Tov Don’t feel you belong you’re the creative writer. Speaker voice to be heard it’s your song. Were the people true pledge fighter. World of a new, if you only knew World of happiness eternity and fate Or are my dreams too late can I escape. Everything invisible but you create to bring yourself livable Beauty, plants, and people, in similarity we both come alive. Cosmic seeding vibration sound all around we survive Love seeds that grow---- like our hearts. It’s time to let go good things have a mind of its own fall apart Like your hair has a mind of its own you start to lose some hair New age woman with so much flair. It opens a world of good people change new start. It’s good to receive but better to give. Not some chopped liver but I have iron of a super woman I can move planets with my shopping cart your Brooklyn born in your blood street smart Like Mom says he’s a good catch but you know better full of suspicion Mom’s love always some restriction That’s just me gezunda of a maid oy-vay lemon sour life Rockin Robin singing wife or someone shouts My escape fly Robin fly that’s my time out I would give this world anything if I could start over. Like those shows swapping wives in different lives, maybe that’s what we need to see how the other half lives. Like turning back sometimes we need to see our past Back to the future same song tunnel through another tunnel I rather go back to Italy Italian feast in little Italy We went there friend Sandy and I celebrated My Birthday September 22. Feeling that lifted energy crystal how it shimmers up your ring exchange ceremony face. Feeling the energy in his hands you trace. Like new experience. Love universe created sex in a single thought, powerful shining rock. Sitting higher up watching his waves reach your high peaks by the dock. Because I am more of a giver than a taker like the saying goes. If you give you will receive joy, faith, and hope, strong will to cope. Joy luck Robin 22 kept focusing on that saying me I felt better, I was more positive. Join a group connection write a blog Tumblr is a great site get into a hobby connect with people of the same interest Google also but I really miss my Mom noodle kugel don’t overeat your brain no arteries to clog Like me I found my happy peace with writing and singing. I have a great family, but I couldn’t connect to find direction needed to get my life in order now. I am great full just knowing. There is love in this world I am older it’s never too late. This world is not as cruel as you think there are people that want to help people like me that’s why I am doing my story. my flower is the true morning glory I love plants bending knees so distressed out at the pants I am the creator that’s the Virgo in me loving far from the hater too bad my life crumbled much later more Viagra Give your world a boob of a booster away from the negative Or better yet relax cool down with a sedative Go out in that country wake up revitalized, hearing that rooster. Joy luck Robin 22 tycoons there’s still luck in my moon And 22 is my birthday number This world make decisions sometime there not the right decisions but eventually things fall into place world of opportunity. High technology or mind of physiology Universal strong words get heard whether promotional That was me promotional Model or music to be heard commercial. Get the pictures maturing better wisdom Albert Einstein? We all have a partner don’t let things attack you It’s your own warfare you brought that on yourself Big army battling demons get rid of your enemies There’s big adjustment we all have a aura six sense It will let you know when you are ready keep your Fire hold your head steady your intuitions will tell you When it’s time inner voice tells you your ready Filler up fantasy gas tank custom chopper Harley Davidson 1200 cc motorcycle power and force you felt every vibration I love my Orange County choppers biker show Pauly and Mike I rather go back to another memory Mike and Ikes Chocolate éclairs egg creams malted yummy My first ride my first boyfriend met him in the Kings Plaza Mall His name was Matt had that blonde long hair Took a ride on his Harley that was way before my son Charlie. Feng -Shui balance things Tao Te Ching in order. Types of Quartz on the palm left hand are your energy. TV channeling your energy remote sensing back in time to Heal the root the person in that era The game plays out of a game what you are left with more to think about The poem writes takes charge of the poem Inside like a magnet she’s the dancer control feel the moves? Beauty of the arts Cosmetologist like were the critiques of Clinique Makeup artist in order with Estee Lauder Body awareness order joy luck club Ancient art of science three thousand years ago China Dynasty of Mom and friends playing Mahjong Sea view Yacht club Game of movement strategy and balance Our Heaven and planet Earth That Bob Dylan song Knocking on heaven’s door balance knock you off your feet floor Too many Drama Queens of clutter clean up your walls you made Your own graffiti you need a cleanser of the mind as well as the body don’t be that blind folded flamingo feeling lost Be Successful performance hard working pays off Find your happy medium clairvoyant is she the heaven Perhaps we are all lucky seven Planet earth kind of the ultimate what in our fate Don’t have that heavy weight of him tied around Your love ankle hearing his voice like the controller Or no control speak out with your soul My Mom no problem miracle worker of fixing Imperfection is beauty madness of a mixing Doing a hem fixing a alteration magic heavenly fingers Shalimar perfume smells will forever linger Hard work of wisdom and serenity all in the planning Hot devil man not from any heaven what hell draw slamming Taking a moment of your time relaxation Sweet heavenly carrot cake her diamond filled eyes of baking Turn of the century Heaven and Earth making Family tree grows FORGET about it Brooklyn Gifted hands magic touch of alteration That’s my Mom sew of wounds miracle healer Mom’s sisters’ youngest Sylvia my Mom Judith Sally and Harriet they were incredible funny So pretty great figures no one measured up to them They were all talented amazing always performing Singers and dancing putting on a show My brother great basketball player so many trophies Lined up all over his bed room My father love playing pool he was pool shark loved his cigars smoking up his special chair Dutch Masters or Garcia and Vega Grandfather Nathan owns a tailor shop really didn’t know him I was too young But my grandmother Gertrude Lubin Called her Chubby they called me Robela Loved her chicken soup old remedy she had the right medicine of love She lived with us in the Canarsie apartments on the top eighth floor no sky rocket of a penthouse rich in grandmas flavor cure of chicken soup Jewish Penicillin ****** Chapter SIX Venus of l

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