Lost to the monkey

By Adetula Olatunbosun

Lost to the monkey

Short Story | Mystery & Suspense, Children's, Thrillers | 54 pages

Keywords: vacation,limpopo,monkey,kidnap,foxes,monkeys,gorillas,impala,lost,south africa,plane,gun,car,a

Lost to the monkey is a story about a family who travel to Limpopo for their vacation. Dorothy and her parents face a dilemma in choosing a holiday spot for their vacation. Mr. Fletcher, Dorothy's father after he was convinced by a friend eventually settle for Limpopo, a natural haven in South Africa. They stay in a lodge from which they visit many exciting places. In the wild life park,they are confronted by many animals, reptiles and exotic birds in their natural habitat. The joy of the family is however short-lived as their daughter is tricked into the wild by a monkey and later abducted by a strange man who had hidden in the bush. A search party is organized...who kidnapped Dorothy?are they able to find her alive?who will save Dorothy from her abductors?is there a happy ending to this vacation?.Find out.......

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