By Ovi Demetrian Jr

Hacker-detective comic series


Graphic Novel | Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Adventure

Keywords: hacker detective, indie comics, detective comics, cyberpunk, black and white

When police detective Lisa Adams finds a hacker going through case files, she realizes his unique skills can help with the department's investigations. However, the hacker, Joe Macintosh's techniques for making connections between victims and suspects don't mix well with the rule of law. With a 'digital' serial killer on the loose, they may be the best chance the city has for tracking him down before another dead body is found. EXTRAS: Original concept art

"The plot is very solid, and the story has great potential to make for very interesting reading." – Erik Cheski, Fanboy Comics

"I can definitely see a bright future for this book as a cult hit." – David Gladman, Big Comic Page

"Smart, intricate and worthy of a BIG audience – it’s a wonder I haven’t read this sooner." – G-Man, Comics Anonymous

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