In Maps & Legends: The Complete Series

By Michael Jasper

In Maps & Legends: The Complete Series

Comic | 192 pages

Keywords: fantasy, contemporary, maps, legends, steampunk, airships, heroine, other worlds, kaitlin, doorways

Kaitlin Grayson is an artist who finds herself compelled to carve a map that covers all four walls of her window-less spare room. One cold night, a disheveled man named Bartamus bursts into her apartment, claiming that only she can save his dying world. For Kait, things like this happen in the books she illustrates so often, she feels like she knows what will happen next. But she couldn’t be more wrong when she and her friends step through her map and charge headlong into another world. In Maps and Legends, a former Zuda comic, is a world-spanning fantasy comic mixed with science fiction and steampunk. This special edition collects all nine issues of this digital-only miniseries, over 190 full-color pages, written by Michael Jasper with art by Niki Smith.

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