Immediate Harm

By Caffeine Nights Publishing

Immediate Harm

Novel | Mystery & Suspense, Crime, Drama | 353 pages

Keywords: legal thriller, environment, gm crops, genetically modified, courtroom, trial,

Kevin Rogan’s a young lawyer in a big New York firm. The last thing he needs is a pro bono case on top of his work load. His client’s in the mid-West: a smart and beautiful girl who has fallen into deep schizophrenia overnight. Her friends start falling as well. Schizophrenia isn’t contagious—or is it? The girls all live surrounded by fields of genetically modified corn. Could an infectious agent jump from corn to attack the human brain? The clock is ticking. It’s growing season. Can Kevin prove that allowing the corn to bloom will cause great, irreparable and immediate harm? Arrayed against him, one of the world’s most powerful corporations will stop at nothing to suppress the evidence. James Thornton James Thornton, “one of the ten people who could change the world” (New Statesman) is one of the world’s top environmental lawyers, former head of an international neuroscience institute, and a member of the bars of California, New York, and the United States Supreme Court. He is the founding CEO of ClientEarth, with offices in London, Brussels, Paris and Warsaw.

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