HR Tunes- Touching Chords of Human Resources

By akambiri

HR Tunes- Touching Chords of Human Resources

Educational | Young Adult | 157 pages

Keywords: human resource management

Human Resources appear to be one such term that creates knock on heads of both employees and employers. Often people step into management careers with no clear idea of what they are heading onto. The bad reality even lies in the fact that management graduates itself feel that taking HR as so called Human Resources is one of the easiest stream in MBA and that can offer them with sitting jobs which God only knows that what are sitting jobs. From few chords of HR that I have touched in my work I wish to clearly throw light on some of the important aspects that are core in field of Human Resources. These chords are relevant for every individual seeking to make career in the field of management and even for the ones who are already into this stream. It is not about a jargon, it is not even about a particular organization but it is a lot about people and its people with whom we work, grow and lead in our lives. People become the pillars in every sphere no matter which direction we choose for ourselves.

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