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Her First Shoot

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Her First Shoot

Leandra J. Piper

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Copyright 2012 by Leandra J. Piper

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"Get out. You're not welcome here until you get your shit together."

That was the last thing Amber's father had said to her before evicting her from the house. She didn't have to worry about packing her things, since he had helpfully done it already, leaving most of her clothes strewn across the suburban driveway. Most of her other things were unceremoniously loaded into the large, crusty trash cans that went out for pickup every week. Tomorrow, in fact.

Amber pulled a bedsheet out of the trash can and gathered up as many of her clothes as she could, then tried to gather up some of the lighter odds and ends. After she'd piled up as much as she figured she could carry, she pulled up the corners of the sheet and tied tied them, wiping some tears from her eyes with the back of her wrist. None of this would have happened if she hadn't been caught with a dimebag while on probation. However upset he felt, she still had to deal with the problems of what to do next, and where to go. It was the end of summer; at least it wasn't cold.

Carrying her makeshift bag over her shoulder, she slowly plodded through the walk of shame out of her affluent neighbourhood. Her father had taken back both her car and her phone, and snapped the SIM card to boot. He'd only left her with about twenty bucks in her wallet, even, and no way to get more. She had never had a job-- why work when daddy paid for everything?-- and hadn't registered for college, instead planning on a semester or two off. Where did poor people even go? She certainly wasn't going to try to stay at a homeless shelter or something.

As she sniffled, trying to decide what to do next, a car slowed down as it passed by her. She turned, and realized that it was a boy from her graduating class named Joel. He rolled to a stop next to her, and put down the window with a press of the button. "Hey, Amber. Do you, uh, need help?"

She peered into the car. Joel was kind of a nerd; he was scrawny but tall, with large glasses and acne. She certainly never would have given him the time of day in high school, but circumstances were now very different. Even being recently evicted, she was sure she could get whatever she wanted with a bat of her eyes and a toss of her hair. She sniffled again for extra effect. "Oh... uh, hi Joel. Yeah, do you think you could?"

Joel lit up at the idea, and reached over to open the door. He pressed on the bridge of his glasses, sliding them higher on his nose. He reached down for the trunk release and pulled it, popping the trunk open. He got out of the car and joined her behind it, helping her lift her sheet full of clothes inside. He gave her a distinctively leering look, which she dismissed. Typical, she thought. Worse, once she was in the car, Joel started to ask questions. "What are you doing out here? It looks like you're pretending to be a hobo," he said nasally, trying poorly to sound witty. She grimaced.

"My dad threw me out," she said. "He's just mad, he'll get over it in a few days. But I'm not sure where to go and he took my credit card." Joel nodded with a bit too much interest, though he looked like he was trying for sympathy. From the look on his face that he wanted to make an offer, and she let out a small, inner sigh of relief. Even if he was a dork, at least she could have a roof over her head. She was also pretty sure she could fend off any advances, if he managed to work himself up to that. Amber had a good body and dark hair, with a small, tight butt and B-cup breasts, so she was very familiar with male desire.

"W-well, I mean, I'm staying in an apartment not far from here. I, I, well, if you want to hang out there for a little, with me, that would be all right. I mean, it's not like you have somewhere else lined up, right?" He laughed, trying to make it sound like a joke. Amber grimaced again anyway, but tried to keep it off her face.

"Yeah... I guess so. Thanks, Joel." She was trying not to roll her eyes visibly. Spending time alone with Joel sounded awkward and embarrassing, but he was right. She didn't have anywhere else to go, as most of her friends had already left for college. The drive went uneventfully for the rest of the drive, silent aside from the crackling music of the radio.

The apartment Joel mentioned wasn't much to look at. It was in a small, dingy building with two floors and a basement. She sighed, carrying her bag of clothes down the stairs to the basement. At the far end of the dark hall was the door, marked 1-F. He fidgeted with the key, and unlocked the door. Amber followed him into the room, which suddenly became quiet. Joel had apparently forgotten to mention that he didn't live alone.

Jon was another guy who went to school with Amber and Joel. He wasn't just a little pudgy; he was straight-up fat. He wore a ratty t-shirt with a faded 50 Cent picture on it, and looked just as shocked as Amber by the sudden company. He wiped some Cheeto dust off of his fingers onto his bare, hairy thigh, just past the end of his boxers. "Joel, wh, what's up? Uh, hey Amber," was all he could manage to say.

"Jon, uh, Amber said she needed a place to crash for a day or two. I mean, you wouldn't mind, right? I thought maybe she could have the... you know, the couch." Joel was trying to sound confident but was failing. And for as hesitant as Amber had been before, now she could hardly stand the idea of staying with these two nerds. If dad was trying to teach her a lesson, it was definitely working.

"Oh, uh... sure. Yeah. Sure thing, you can stay here, Amber. Uh, do you want a drink?" Jon stood up from his chair by the computer, and she caught a flash of his cock through his boxers. She looked aside right away, and said quickly, "Definitely. Do you have any beer?"

Jon nodded, and Joel retreated to his room. Even if these two were social failures, they didn't skimp on the booze. Jon came out with a case of beer, putting the entire box down in front of the couch. Amber reached down and took a bottle out, and popped the cap with a bottle opener on her otherwise-empty keychain. She leaned back, tipping the bottle up, and let out a sigh as she finished.

Most of the afternoon was totally forgettable. Amber sat on the couch, drinking one beer after another, desperately seeking a buzz. Joel picked up some dirty clothes and hid them, while Jon listened to loud rap music through the tinny computer speakers. After a number of beers, even these two dorks seemed easier on the eyes. Jon, at least, seemed to notice that Amber was loosening up. He got up from the computer and plodded over her way, standing next to the couch. She put the bottle down and looked up at him. He didn't say anything at first, just looked at Amber's face. Which meant he easily caught her stray glance down at his boxers. She licked her lips and took the last sip of her beer, squeezing the top of the bottle with her lips. Jon pulled his cock out of his boxers which was just as hairy and thick as the rest of him. It was already a bit hard.

Amber put the bottle down, and reached over to touch it. Jon took a quick breath, and then took a handful of her short hair. He pulled her closer, and she slid off of the couch and onto her knees. It wasn't the first time a guy had whipped it out in front of her, and this seemed like as good of an idea as any. She leaned in, and took Jon's half-erect shaft into her mouth. Her wet tongue slid over the underside, and she looked up at him for a brief moment.

Jon put both hands on her head, one in her hair and the other against the back of her neck. He wasn't one to wait passively while being licked; instead, he started to thrust slowly into her wet, open mouth. Amber opened up a little wider, sliding her tongue all around him. She coughed a time or two from his unpracticed thrusts, his growing erection making it hard to not choke. She could smell sweat and hair, but didn't stop, just opening wider to accommodate him.

She pulled off of him just long enough to get his boxers down, her hands pawing at his hairy ass. She took him back into her mouth and started sucking again, and he made some wheezy, heavy breaths. He pulled her hair and forced her to take more of it, pushing the head of his cock into her throat. Amber closed her eyes, which watered involuntarily at the pressure, and pressed her tongue up against the underside. She arched her back a bit, coughing a few more times, but didn't try to escape the presence of his dick.

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