Harvest Grove

By bkwright

Harvest Grove

Novel | 49 pages

Keywords: young adult fiction, gay, gay romance, gay young adult, romance

Two weeks at her uncle’s farm seems like a life sentence to a young woman who recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday. The two cute college guys her uncle has hired make it a little more appealing, however. When Marly begins to hear barking dogs and the sounds of loud birds coming from the dark and dreary woods at the edge of the farm, she has to investigate. Pushing her way through the thick foliage, in the clearing of the woods Marly discovers something she has never before seen. Through the peculiarly present mist and fog, Marly sees silhouettes of what appear to be two men, but they are not the two young men hired to work for her Uncle Charlie. Who are they and what are they doing? Thinking that the two college guys are playing a joke on her, Marly sneaks to the woods often, but the loud noises and the men are not always present. Do Uncle Charlie and Aunt Susan know about this? And were the two men kissing? No way!

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