Harvest Grove

~S. Wales~

A Beau to Beau young adult book

Copyright 2011-05-14: S. Wales

Beau to Beau Books

ISBN: 978-1-4524-1956-5

All rights reserved




Included in:  Harvest Grove

1.  Openers

2.  Introduction

3.  The Unicorn

4.  In Broad Daylight

5.  Night Sounds

6.  After the Night

7.  White Noise

8.  Koby’s Place

9.  Moving On




Two weeks at her uncle’s farm seems like a life sentence to a young woman who recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday.  The two cute college guys her uncle has hired make it a little more appealing, however.  When Marly begins to hear barking dogs and the sounds of loud birds coming from the dark and dreary woods at the edge of the farm, she has to investigate.  Pushing her way through the thick foliage, in the clearing of the woods Marly discovers something she has never before seen.  Through the peculiarly present mist and fog, Marly sees silhouettes of what appear to be two men, but they are not the two young men hired to work for her Uncle Charlie.  Who are they and what are they doing?  Thinking that the two college guys are playing a joke on her, Marly sneaks to the woods often, but the loud noises and the men are not always present.  Do Uncle Charlie and Aunt Susan know about this?  And were the two men kissing?  No way!


The Unicorn:

The unicorn is the only fabulous beast that does not seem to have been conceived out of human fears.  In even the earliest references he is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, but always mysteriously beautiful.  He could be captured only by unfair means, and his single horn was said to neutralize poison.  The young gay male, like the unicorn, is fierce yet good, selfless yet solitary, always mysteriously beautiful, and can be captured only by unfair means.


In Broad Daylight:

A city girl to the core, Marly had been to the country only once and that had been during a field trip in Kindergarten.  That was thirteen years ago, but she still remembered the awful smells of cows and pigs and manure. 


“You will love it on your Uncle Charlie’s farm, honey.  This is God’s country.”  Marly’s mother had talked nonstop since they had left the city and Marly wished she would just shut up.  Marly sat with her arms folded, watching the endless stream of nothingness whizzing by the car window.  “Oh, cheer up, Marly.  It’s only for two weeks while your father and I are away on business.”  Marly laid her head back and sighed. 


Marly’s mother honked her horn twice as she drove down the lane to the old farmhouse where she and her sister had grown up.  “I loved growing up here, Marly, and I am so happy that Susan and Charlie chose to keep the farm and all the wonderful traditions that Susan and I shared.  Of course, that was a long time ago, but oh, the memories.  Susan and I had so much fun.  The possibilities for adventure are endless out here.  And to think that Charlie grew up on a farm, too!  Those two were meant for each other.” 


“I know, Mom, I know.  You have told me a million times about all the fun you had right here, and about how perfect Susan and Charlie are for each other.”  Marly was bored already and the two weeks had not even begun yet. 


Charlotte, it’s so good to see you.”  Charlie hugged his sister-in-law as soon as she stepped out of the car, and then he took Marly’s hands in his.  “My, I haven’t seen you since you were a toddler.” 


“Hi,” she said quietly. 


“We are going to have so much fun.  You may get to help bring some baby calves into the world.” 


Marly smiled.  Wonderful, she thought.  Birthing calves is not exactly my idea of a good time. 


“Thanks again, Charlie.  I have to run.” 


“Glad to do it, Charlotte.  Marly will love it here.”


Charlie took Marly’s bags into the house, giving Marly time to say goodbye to her mother. 


“Mom, I hate this.” 


“Honey, give it a chance, okay?” 


Marly rolled her eyes, but promised that she would give it a chance.  What other choice did she have?  She watched as her mother drove down the long lane, wishing she were in the car with her. 


“Come on inside, Marly,” Charlie called from the door of the old farmhouse. 


Marly turned around and slowly shuffled toward the old farmhouse.  She entered what her mother referred to as the perfect home and was immediately met by the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls.  “Oh, hi.”  Marly hadn’t seen Susan for a long time and she really didn’t remember her all that well. 


“Fresh from the oven, honey.  Help yourself.” 


After just one bite, Marly had decided that her mother’s sister was her new best friend.  “This is the best cinnamon roll I have ever tasted.  You should sell these.” 


Susan smiled at the young girl.  “No, no, honey.  My fresh baked goods are just for family.” 


“How do you two not weigh three hundred pounds?” 


Charlie couldn’t help but laugh at the young city girl.  “Farm work, Marly.  Everything you eat out here gets worked off pretty quickly.” 


Marly ate the entire sweet roll which was huge before stopping to take a drink of the fresh cold milk.  On his way out the door, Charlie asked, “Marly, would you like to help me do chores?” 


“Okay,” she said, having no idea what was meant by “chores.”  She followed Charlie for what seemed like a two mile walk before they reached the barn.  It was weird to think of Charlie as her uncle when she barely knew him, and it was very hard keeping up with him.  Marly usually didn’t see the light of day until close to noon whenever she was out of school, and she certainly did not go for a two mile walk this early in the day.  Lost in her thoughts, Marly missed Charlie’s question.  “I’m sorry, what was that?” 


“I was just saying that I see my two summer helpers are here.  Koby and Marc are about your age, Marly.” 

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