Formatting Comics for the Kindle and Nook

By Michael Jasper

Formatting Comics for the Kindle and Nook

Novella | 85 pages

Keywords: webcomic, manga, comic strip, comic, e-ink, how-to, tutorial, photoshop, amazon kdp, pub-it, format,

Formatting comics and image-heavy eBooks can be a confusing and sometimes frustrating task. Every e-reader on the market has a different screen size, meaning that as a creator/publisher, you have to format your comic multiple times. This how-to guide covers how to assemble your comic pages or other images for the two biggest e-readers on the market: Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook. Written by the creative team for the ground-breaking digital comic IN MAPS & LEGENDS (artist Niki Smith and writer Michael Jasper), this eBook covers how to convert the images for your comic into the Kindle and Nook formats, and how to package those images in the most effective manner for those two formats. Each chapter is accompanied by step-by-step screenshots to help you format your images and put together your Kindle and ePub files. This ebook is essential reading for anyone who may have an image-heavy book to turn into an eBook -- from a comic book to a coffee table book to a kids picture book, to a photo book or art book.

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