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2: Elves do Anal

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Faerie Slave Fuck

Pimp my Nymph

Volume 2:

Elves do Anal

Leandra J. Piper

Copyright 2012 by Leandra J. Piper

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used without the express written permission of the author or publisher for any purposes, except brief quotations in critical articles or reviews.

Anthea followed behind her master obediently, expertly ensuring her leash remained perfectly slack. She paid no regard to anyone but Master Ashendis, using his steps as her guide in keeping pace. It wasn't hard, because he was moving slowly, making sure everyone on the street had a good chance to look at her. She could have done it even if he was running.

She felt beautiful, more beautiful than she had since she'd been led from the Fae lands to be auctioned off in the first place. Master Ash managed to find an old tunic that was long enough for a short dress on her, and she'd altered it a little to show off her figure some. It was a far finer weave than anything she'd been allowed to wear before, and old enough to be worn nearly into translucency. Underneath it all, she'd been scrubbed far cleaner than she could remember being since before the old Master died.

To top it all off, she'd carefully transplanted some of her flowers to take root in her hair, a vividly-coloured fall down her back. She as good as glowed, and couldn't help but smile as she walked behind her owner, led by her threadbare velvet leash.

But that was the plan, of course. She had to turn a lot of heads. He wasn't going to have her walk the streets. It wasn't worth it, he had said, but if she caught eyes, there would be inquiries. She only hoped they would pay well enough to help him. When the old Master had died, the house had been full, with furnishings and servants and even other slaves. When the new Master returned to the city after his father passed, he was well-dressed and a bit pudgy.

Now, he was running gaunt, and his clothes had once been his third-best, and she'd had to do her very best to take them in and keep them in shape. That hadn't been all that hard, at least; she was an accomplished lady's dresser, which meant she'd needed to know how to make any number of minor alterations. A man's clothing wasn't all that different, once you got a feel for it. But she worried; she kept having to take his clothes in further, and the circles under his eyes just got darker.

The old master had been passing cruel to her. She hadn't seen Master Ash since he was a boy when he left for school. She hadn't known what to expect at all from him. Worse than his father, she feared. But no, even before he'd had to start letting people go, he was always gentle, and not just to her. She never knew him to take his liberties either, not with anyone. He never beat her, and the first time he even had her clothes off was the day he made the decision to pimp her out.

She loved him a little, for all of that. He could have had her, gladly, long before that moment. Only a little for her own pleasure, since that was secondary to his, but being able to give him even a tiny escape from his stresses made her feel better for him. He was running himself ragged, trying to get free from these debts.

Now, she was about to start her biggest service for him. She'd been present for the negotiations, kneeling behind him, but humans spoke so slowly it was hard to pay attention, so she hadn't really listened, just kept an ear open for anything she was needed to do. Answered a few questions about her skills. She felt shy about discussing the old Master's handling of her in front of the new Master, but she only needed to touch on that a little. After all, she was a nymph, born and bred in the Fae lands to serve. To pleasure her owner was absolutely a part of that, even if it came up less often now.

"All right, Anthea," murmured Master as he slowed to a stop in front of a building. "When we get inside, you do as you're told and go along with whatever the... the proprietor tells you. And whoever she sends to you, well, service them as well as you can. Really make an impression. Do you understand?"

She felt a hint of colour rise on her cheeks. She could hardly disobey one of Master's orders, but ordering her to serve anyone else, even for a time, felt just a bit shameful, in a way that made her feel her nectar begin to bead up on her lower lips. "Of course, master," she murmured, keeping her gaze centred on the backs of his heels. Her heart fluttered a little. He started walking again, leading her inside.

The air was cool enough to make her gasp, her skin bumping all over at the shock of it. The floor was outright cold beneath her toes, looking to be marble. It was a relief when Master led her over a warm, thick carpet with designs that caught her eye. She distantly heard him murmuring something to another person, then took her aside to wait. She shifted a little on her feet, getting a little nervous. "I'll be back for you later, Anthea," he said after a moment or two, then lifted her chin slowly with two fingers. "Look up now." A tall woman, wearing an elegant dress, had strode up to them and was looking to Master. He nodded to her, then passed her his end of the leash.

"Come along then," said the woman, and led Anthea off down a hallway at a brisk pace. "The client is already arranged. Simply prepare yourself as you see fit, then wait. You'll have a bit of time to make ready. If the client tries to harm you, inform the girl who comes to fetch you after, or there's a bell-pull by the back of the bed if it's dire. We don't cater to those tastes here, not anything worse than some bruising. We just have the one engagement for you today. If you suffice, there will be more. It's very rare for one of your kind to be on the market. Do you understand everything?"

Rare or not, the madam must have some experience with the fae; she spoke swiftly for a human, well enough that she could easily follow. Anthea nodded, murmuring, "Yes, Mistress. Some time to get ready. A bit rough is all right, but nothing to cause damage. Other interested parties but just one until I've proved myself." More nectar was already collecting between her legs; her thighs were growing sticky. Her dress was pressing out just a little in front from her nipples, and it wasn't just the temperature that was making them stiffen.

Finally, they arrived at a door, and the madam carefully unhooked Anthea's leash, folded it, and set it in a low table that had a large hourglass on top. Mistress took a key from her chatelaine and unlocked the door. "Good," she said. "Go inside and get ready, then."

Anthea stepped inside, the door shutting behind her. Her wings fluttered a bit in surprise as she took in the surroundings; the bedroom was more lushly appointed than any she'd been into before. The bed was big and soft-looking, the frame covered over with intricate carvings. She stepped over, running her fingers up one of the bedposts, drinking in the texture. The air had a faint perfumed scent to it, but her nose was keen enough to catch the remains of the musky scents it masked. Her hips squirmed a little.

No, she shouldn't take her time exploring now. She wasn't sure what else she would need to do to prepare. She was dressed and ready as she was going to get, so she set herself down before the door, kneeling, head bowed. The carpet was enough to watch, fascinatingly textured. She tried to steady her breath, but she couldn't do that good of a job of it. She lowered one hand to press between her legs, sliding her fingers up between her pussy lips, collecting her dew. They came away soaking wet, and she lifted her fingers to her mouth to lick them clean, enjoying the honey taste.

She heard the door open, before she'd lowered her hand entirely. Anthea made a little gasp. She made another when she heard the footfalls of her client entering the room. There were two of them? One, to the right, laughed. "You actually found one, Lodil? You've outdone yourself." The name, the swift, liquid accent. Elves?

The one more to the left, Lodil, chuckled. "I told you I'd make it a special occasion, Jendry. Come then, girl, up. Up and let us see you. Give us a good show, hm?" Another elf, it seemed. Jendry to the right was the guest of honour, then. She wasn't wearing much at all, so she'd have to make it about her own movement.

Anthea spread her arms out to the sides, hands pressing flat to the carpet. Her wings fluttered, and she lifted her chest slowly, back arching to pull up. Her head lifted a breath behind it, and she cast her gaze over the elves she was to service. Lodil was dark-haired, and his eyes were a vivid green that was hard to ignore. His hands were on redheaded Jendry's shoulders, and he was breathing into his long, pointed ear. Jendry smiled as he looked over her, tilting his head back to his companion's breath. She lifted her arms slowly, wrists leading, eventually pressing together against her head. With a swing to her hips, she slowly lifted onto her knees, dress settling an inch above the floor. Her tongue slid out, touching her lips.

Arms above her head, she rose to her feet, bracing her toes in the carpet. Her hips swung just a little, sending her dress pulling up higher. She slowly lowered her arms in a long arc, hands touching opposite hips. She took a light step toward Jendry, dragging her hands up her sides, cupping her breasts through her dress. The elf nodded slowly at her, pressing into his friend's hands as Lodil unlaced his shirt and tugged it open. Anthea kept moving forward, in tiny, mincing steps, rolling her hips just so until she pressed up against him. She slid her hands up into Jendry's shirt, tracing her fingers over the slender muscles.

Her hips pressed forward, grinding against his through his trousers, prompting him into stiffness, and more as her skirt hiked up. Lodil was still kissing one side of Jendry's neck, so she lifted onto her toes, legs parting a bit to grind closer, and began licking the other side wetly. She slowly tugged his shirt off the rest of the way, then fanned her fingers out against his bare sides.

Jendry reached around her, pinching the hem of her dress with his long, long fingers. "Ah, you don't need that, do you?" he whispered, licking her cheek. She leaned back just enough as he pulled the dress up and over her head, leaving her bare. She took her hands away from him long enough to slide her hands up her body, lifting and cupping her breasts for him to see.

At Jendry's approving murmur, she pressed back against him, kissing wetly over his chest, while she slowly reached around him to undo Lodil's shirt, tugging it open all the way. Blindly, she managed to pull his shirt low enough that he shrugged it off, leaving her to keep her focus on warmly licking Jendry's nipple.

Hips grinding against his, she worked her hands downward, undoing Jendry's trousers, then letting the movements of her body slowly tug them downward, an inch at a time. Her hands slipped back, rubbing the red-haired elf's ass, squeezing and kneading it. She pressed her way down a little more slowly than his pants, tongue licking a damp trail over his skin. Lodil slipped more behind Jendry, rubbing over his chest. "Back up," he murmured down to Anthea, then tilted his head to give Jendry a long, wet kiss.

Anthea pressed down onto her knees first, then slowly moved back at Lodil's lead, until she was pressed right up against the bed, Jendry's long legs pressing and holding her there. Behind them, Lodil's trousers fell to the ground. She leaned up to start running her tongue over the length of Jendry's long, slender cock, from balls to tip then back down. She shifted a bit to keep at it, leaning her head up as Jendry slowly bent forward, Lodil pressing behind him.

From below, as she took Jendry's cock-head between her lips, she could watch perfectly as Lodil shifted behind, rubbing Jendry's asshole with the tip of his cock. She watched carefully, shifting her tongue against Jendry's cock a little, and bracing her throat. When Jendry made the first, thin moan at Lodil's slow penetration of his ass, Anthea pressed her head up against the cock between her lips, drawing it deeper and deeper, taking it well into her throat. Her nose was up against his body, and she nearly drowned in the thick scent of sex from him.

Lodil started thrusting into Jendry's back passage, hard and swift, causing Jendry to make a long string of lyrical moans in time with the other elf's thrusting. Each push pressed the cock more into her throat, making her lips squeeze and tongue rub around it. She twisted her head just a bit to cover the other side, making some muffled sounds of her own.

Her wings fluttered just a bit against the back of the bed, until she carefully managed a half-turn, Jendry's cock twisting in her throat, giving his pleasured noises a higher, thinner quality to them. With her new angle, Anthea imparted a warm breath of air to Lodil's cock on each thrust into his friend, bringing his lower voice into groaning counterpoint.

She slowly raised both hands, reaching around to squeeze Lodil's ass tightly, pulling him more into his rhythmic thrusts into Jendry. Her fingers spread, rubbing and squeezing, curling just so as to touch the crack between his cheeks. She made a muffled, slurping sound around Jendry's cock, drooling wetly over its length as his hips pressed a bit more against her face, fucking it shallowly.

Fortunately, she was mostly ready for it, and braced her head just so, focusing mostly just on slurping wetly on the shaft as it thrust lightly past her lips, through her mouth, and still into her throat. She made some muffled gasps, faint compared to the music of the two elves. Slowly, trying to not jar Lodil's movement, she slid her fingers between his cheeks, then rubbed at his tiny, tight little asshole.

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