Elfin: The Stone of Mages

By A.S. Miller

Elfin: The Stone of Mages

Novel | 641 pages

Keywords: fantasy, fantasy, fiction, elves, magic, stone, soren, krystal, aidan, celestine

Soren Obscura, a teenage elf with a lot of time on his hands, most of which he spends with his friends on their mountain home as they fight off bouts of boredom, and eagerly await the day when they can set out and explore the world. Until the day when Soren meets a man who not only brings with him a new way for Soren to occupy his time, but also trouble that threatens both his home and loved ones. Before this threat can become a problem, Soren, with his sword in hand and his two best friends at his side, leaves home to face this threat head-on. And as he traverse’s the land, visiting numerous strange locales and meeting many strange characters, both friend and foe alike, he soon discovers that his conflict not only involves himself, but a battle between good and evil spanning over a thousand years of history.

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