Designer Heads Off

By Robin

Designer Heads Off

Novel | Mystery & Suspense, , Thrillers | 55 pages

Keywords: vampires, phobias over the limit australian mates black diamond underworld, love, danger paranormal

.The designer's world of the fashion Material girl went wild rumors in Germany. Like can of worms D for Designer war in Normandy. What D -DAY Designer Wine twist heads off unsuitable places for a maiden’s head we should be knocking someone off their feet Bad love of a knock off .She should have her head examined .How could a woman reach across the gulf not sure who to trust someone waiting on the other side Was this my fashion speaking tea leaves I certainly got blood on my dress that book of a spanking .Bruised body covered in my closet whose the smart ass what designer would have someone’s head hanged. Was this supposed to be my season of good fortune telling? How did love change SEASONAL blazing trailer she got booked trail with him what a fuck-up destroying silk work of art fabric. Hollywood plastic surgeon but she wasn’t like any virgin. Love sectional designer sofa body in lace relaxing two heads felt slashed headset red-hot live first die pretty. A psycho film from a news helicopter bloody no designer heart chick she got her workout air was laced with gunpowder. What a shotgun wedding .She was the ideal two faces seductively tied his finger you got marked unlucky wedding bliss digging out needed to find my favorite lipstick. Chanel how something so red could be my last bloody kiss. My head was spinning my own page of Vogue please I ended up more in a morgue made my own grave .Must be strong brave hearted designer bride He’s knocking me off my feet .What’s that expression designer knockoffs my head exploded young out of breathless did my heart go way off. The show must go on you are the wild flower every time you tied the ribbon his haunting voice came right out of a hospital scene beep of his pager.. She became particular growing more accustomed to his love bites and bleeds.. Lucid intimate dream beside me call me maybe don’t do a Carly Raye on me baby. He was all over what snakes around my page scent of sinful spices. Perfume like Poison I was hooked inside his package. So Americana how she flagged them on like they were her book favorites .Fashion love dressmaker Give it 2 me I want it I got to have it world of gems. How she was spiritually connected to her Man. She was the magnet of money godly Madonna’s. How she turned everything into money faces .

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