Death Row Rejects


Death Row Rejects

Collection | Horror | 180 pages

Keywords: horror, sci-fi, poems, existential, comedy, drama, first person, anthology, collection, short story

Death Row Rejects, an anthology of short tales in the vein of Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. A must for fans of short stories and horror, science fiction and tales with a twist. Due to the nature of some stories this collection, it is only suitable for readers aged 18+ . Titles available separately include: ​Off The Rails, The Toy Hospital, The Complete Jelly Diaries and Of Unicorns and Leprechauns. (As listed.) Exclusive titles for this volume include: The Morning After: A man awakes with more than amnesia after a night on the town. Heartache: The ex is up to those same old tricks. ​The Funeral: Putting the fun back into funeral as one old wife tells her tale. Where Do Lonely Socks Go? At last the age old riddle is solved. ​Discoveries: Richard finds more than he had bargained for on an alien planet; where he clearly loses something too.

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