Deadly Focus

By Caffeine Nights Publishing

Deadly Focus

Novel | Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Thrillers | 294 pages

Keywords: murder, yorkshire, british thriller, killer,

The first novel in the D.I. Jack Dylan series by RC Bridgestock. Deadly Focus is a gripping crime fiction novel set in Yorkshire. When a young girl is abducted fear and suspicion haunts the streets of Harrowfield. Dylan's worst fears are confirmed when the body of Daisy Hind is found on a bleak windswept moor. As the murder investigation swings into action another child is abducted and suddenly Dylan has to confront the possibility of a serial killer preying on children and solve the case before a third child is snatched. R C Bridgestock Deadly Focus is written by husband and wife writing team Bob and Carol Bridgestock. Bob brings the authenticity of 30 years serving as a policeman with the West Yorkshire police force. For over half of his service he was a senior detective, retiring at the rank of Detective Superintendent. Bob took charge of many leading homicide cases and his expertise in solving these cases was endorsed by Crown Court Judges. and working on many leading homicide cases. Carol also dedicated her professional career to the police force and received a Chief Constable’s commendation for outstanding work. She is now the Chair of a local writing circle on the Isle of Wight that involves the community in writing competitions for all ages. ‘A Cracking Story’ Natasha Harding ‘The Sun Newspaper’

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