Dance For Dad (Stepcest Quickies)

(Gay Erotic Encounters #5)


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Dance For Dad


Excerpt from Killer Liaison (Book 1 of Danger Games)


Excerpt from Fucking the Big Bad Wolf (Gay Erotic Fairy Tales #1)



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Introduction: Gay Erotic Encounters


Gay Erotic Encounters” is a collection of homoerotic short stories, which revolves around everyday (and some not-so-everyday) encounters that takes on a hot, steamy and sexy turn. Tales from this series are inspired by the things that I’ve read, stories I’ve been told by friends, and sometimes, even happenings in my own life. (Well, not the sex part, unless you know something I don’t! ;)

Come join me and see what happens when friends, neighbors and complete strangers decide to explore their… hidden naughty sides.


Happy Smutting,



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Dance For Dad


Someone stirred next to me and woke me from my sleep. My eyes blinked in the dim light of early morning, trying to see. It took me about five seconds before I realized that I wasn’t home. It took me another five seconds to remember that I was at Jonathan’s place.

I grinned as I rubbed my face gently against the warm body underneath. I’d been using Jonathan’s shoulder as a pillow as I tucked myself around his solid frame. He’d probably have a sore shoulder when he got up but he never complained. Not if I promised him a massage—and more—in the shower.

I didn’t stay over often. His place was too far from campus, and it was a bitch to have to go home, change and then make my way to class. In the past few months we’d been sleeping together I’d only slept in this bed for a few times.

I let my hand make its way down from his solid pecs to his side, caressing lightly before running my fingers down the crease of his V. His morning wood lay full and dormant in his well-groomed playground like a slumbering beast just waiting for the prey to appear. My mouth watered at the thought of last night.

I slid my hand around his thick girth, letting my fingers feel every ridge and vein of his beast. He moaned softly in his sleep at the sensation I brought to his cock.

Grinning wide, I slipped under the duvet, careful not to disturb him as I straddled his legs. The scent of his manhood was driving me crazy. I licked my lips wet before wrapping them around his plump head, letting him slide into my warm mouth as I lowered my head.

I could feel his body begin to tense, a sign that he was slowing surfacing as I worked on him.

I thought briefly about how he and I got to this point as he groaned softly, waking.

There was something to be said about how things always happening when you least expect, and a lot of the time under some of the most bizarre circumstances.

Our first time happened at the club where I worked as a go-go boy. It was explosive and memorable. He took me home that night and the next morning marked the first time I missed an early morning lecture because I was so sore I couldn’t get out of bed.

Never in a million years would I ever expect to see him where I worked, let alone imagine that anything would ever happen between us the way it did.

Why, you asked?

Because Jonathan, my lover, also happened to be my seemingly straight former-stepfather.


* * *


“So? What do you think?” I took a peek out from behind the curtains on the balcony before I turned back to look at Jayce, arching an eyebrow at him. “Britney, Madonna or Gaga?”

Jayce got up reluctantly from where he was sitting Indian-style on the floor playing with his phone and came to lean on the railing next to me. He peeked out at the crowd when I backed away.

“Definitely Britney,” he said after taking a cursory look around the floor.

“Britney it is, then.” I shrugged. Britney nights weren’t bad—fast and dirty, and usually a good night cash-wise. Perfect for a day like today.

“Dude, you’re like… uber distracted today.” Jayce gave me a slap on my ass as he passed me to go back to the locker room. “What’s up, man?”

I shrugged again. “Nothin’.”

“Bullshit.” Jayce slapped my head this time instead of my ass, and I yelped.

“What the hell, man?”

“Slap to the face is an insult, slap the ass is a tease, and slap to the back of the head’s a wake-up call. That’s what my old man said anyways.” Jayce wore his cheeky grin like fucking Armani. “Think he got that from a TV show or somethin’.”

Unbelievable. I shook my head.

“Seriously, man. What’s up with you today?” Jayce nudged me with his pointy elbow.

I sighed. “It’s complicated.”

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