Dance For Dad (Gay Erotic Encounters #5) (Stepcest Quickies)

By A. D. Cooper

Dance For Dad (Gay Erotic Encounters #5) (Stepcest Quickies)

Novel | Erotica | 26 pages

Keywords: erotica, gay erotica, gay sex, mm erotica, taboo sex, family sex, pseudo incest, stepcest

When Dylan walked into the club he works at that night, he never imagined that his former-stepfather Jonathan—the same man he’s been infatuated with for months now and has just had a big fight with—would be there in the audience. What happens when he finally works up the nerve to cross the line he knows he shouldn’t be crossing and seduces Jonathan? WARNING: This short story contains explicit and graphical depictions of hot man on man action, and is intended for mature audiences only. (5200+ words) EXCERPT “What do you want?” I asked in a whispering moan. “Tell me.” “Dylan…” Jonathan growled, his voice dipping lower than I’d ever heard. He was turned on; I could tell. He closed his eyes and squeezed them shut, “I… I want…” I dipped my head down next to his, whispering hotly into his ear. “Tell me.” “You…” He sighed, his eyes still shut. “I want you.” “Then take me.” I sighed, happily. I buried my nose to the crook of his neck, breathing in the manly scent I’d been missing. “Do whatever you want with me.” “I can’t!” His eyes blinked open, and he pushed me away, causing me to lose my balance. He gripped my bicep and tried to steady me, only to end up tripping and falling on top me when I landed on my back on the couch. “Yes, you can.” I gripped his dress shirt tightly, refusing to let go. “You want to.” I arched my hips up to grind against him, feeling him through his pants. His breathing hitched. “And I want you too,” I said. We were so close I could see my own reflection in his dilated eyes. I pushed up just enough to brush my lips against his.

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