Dakota Rawhide: The First Book (a novella)

By Daniel Landerman

Dakota Rawhide: The First Book (a novella)

Novel | Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Adventure | 90 pages

Keywords: dakota rawhide, daniel, landerman, novella, scifi, western

The first book in a series of novellas. SciFi/Western. Dakota was ripped out of her simple life and fled her home on Paris Moon. She has been on the run ever since and more than a year later respite feels even less attainable than when she set out. Bounty hunters crawl over the Range Moons like mites and young wannabes with delusions of grandeur see a lone girl as an easy mark and a chance to make a name for themselves. Unbeknownst to the folks on the Ranges, the central planet, Andromeda IX is in upheaval, midswing in a political war for dominance that the entire system will feel. It's a time of swaths of gray, black and very little white when written law and moral law don't always see level. Within the chaos an outlaw might slip through the cracks, she might find herself in cuffs, or she might find redemption.

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