By Joel Blaine Kirkpatrick


Novel | 453 pages

Keywords: paranormal romance, historical romance, ghosts, haunting, spirits, murder mystery, mystery

A seventy-five year old secret waits in a lovely old portrait studio, at the end of a street in New York City's Lower East Side. It is a secret, that drove to madness, a renowned photographer, 'Papa' Menashe Reisman, and left him to waste and die in his own studio, but haunted by every photograph he tries to take. When his great-grand daughter, Shelly, begs to have the old building, for a new renovation, she awakens more than any secret that Papa kept. She also awakens something darker, more evil, across the street, under the stoop, down a foul stair; where Caraliza was kept prisoner for two years; until the horrid events of that summer, in 1919 From Charlie Courtland - Bitsy Bling Books Caraliza is a story possessed by stark hauntings that will grip your nerves from the first page and drag you into a grisly nightmare that will both seduce and frighten the reader. Much like the photo of Caraliza, it is impossible to turn your eyes away from the macabre on the page and within them; a person will see both beauty and horrible abuse. It is a great achievement in pairing the paranormal with romance. From Jen Hilborne - author of 'Madness and Murder' I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars. It's so much more than a paranormal romantic mystery. The living breathe life into the dead. The dead have a message, a story they need told to the living. A menacing ghost terrorizes a family. In this book, the love is so tangible it made me sigh with envy. The author's words and style are beautiful. From Darcia Helle - author of 'The Cutting Edge' This is a story of brutality, survival, deceit, revenge, and enduring love. Kirkpatrick opens with a brilliant piece of historical fiction. He then effortlessly transitions to the current day, yet we don't lose the characters we've grown to love. They haunt us, as they haunt the pages of the book. From Jen Knox - author of 'Musical Chairs' This book is part mystery, part fantastical, part dark realism, and yet it is the baffling and remarkable nature of love that drives each plot shift, injects each gritty scene with beauty and softness, and clearly defines each character's role. Caraliza is a beautifully written and utterly unique work that, like love, is sure to endure. From Mark Paul Jacobs - author of 'The Day God Winked' Kirkpatrick pulls us in emotionally from the very first pages of this sad tale of a teenaged Dutch girl sold into servitude and near starvation in an early 20th century New York slum, and the young man who is doomed to save her from her oppressor, and at any cost. Their story spans almost an entire century, full of rich, well-developed characters and paranormal twists... (a) story that is sad, chilling, and uplifting. From Kevin Kirkpatrick - Blogger There has not been an original ghost story for a long time. This is where I think Joel has broken the mold. His ghost story is totally original. It does not follow any of the old tried and true formulas but breaks new ground.

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