Babies Kids & Parents Linked-In

By Robin

Babies Kids & Parents Linked-In

Novel | Adventure, Comedy, Drama | 45 pages

Keywords: family adventurous,mystery comical unique

Babies-Kids-& Parents Books of bucks worth Millions Toddlers worth trillions Kids will be Kids that’s show-biz Bazillions But Earth to Moms-good earthling babies and those Kids high Avengers Opens up planet coming to new-age passengers All hard =working families Moms Greek Goddess Aphrodite Babies’ portrait sunny yellow magic marker highlight I wanted to feel what another person feels my words out of this book this is definitely a read Magnet through hearts of a book-light worth the wait indeed My book is for everyone not for a Mom alone Dad important business we love so much Apple PHONE So many baby books and pregnancy that Mom to be We all need a better understanding Babies-Kids & Parents love is everything will ever see Family Worldly all linked-in worthy. This book is about how we connect with each other Its comical touch your funny bone get your Royal cup feeling preppy prestigious Whole family read outrageous World of scholars sometimes Moms love to holler Walk those pink poodles’ jet-set diamond collars Man’s best friend: Dogs of different breeds: all linked-in a world with different needs. But I haven’t seen many books about all of us to read together. Let me open up your eyes we need to make life better and better This E- book it will touch a part of you Everyone will get something out of this Heavenly book open up our hearts its waiting’ take a look”

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