Using Indie Aisle

What makes Indie Aisle different than other publishing tools?

When someone buys your content using an online platform like Amazon, it's the platform that gets the customer, not you. You may work hard to promote your work, but you ultimately don't get the credit for the fans you send. Indie Aisle makes it possible to connect with your fans and allow them to buy your work directly from you.

Instead of being tied down to certain platforms, we believe that your content should be accessible across devices, giving your fans more freedom for how they choose to follow and enjoy your work. They don't even need to create an account to subscribe to your updates or make a purchase.

What do I get for free vs with a paid plan?

You can post any updates for free and you'll get an RSS feed that people can subscribe to. The $9/month Plus plan includes getting email subscribers along with your RSS followers. And the Pro plan, at $19/month, allows you to sell digital downloads. The only cost to you is your Stripe account's payment processing fee per transaction.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's a feed format for providing updates that anyone can import into their RSS reader. If you search for RSS reader, you'll find a number of apps that many people use. Feedly is a popular one, and Google Chrome has a built-in option for keeping track of feeds.

How do updates work?

You post an update the way you would on Twitter or Facebook. It gets published to your page and the RSS feed. You can also connect to your other platforms, like your WordPress site, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Do I retain rights to my book by publishing through Indie Aisle?

Of course, it's your work after all! There is no exclusivity requirement of any kind. You can sell your book wherever, and however you want.

What ebook formats can I convert to?

All the standards – EPUB, Amazon Kindle MOBI, PDF, and more!

What formats are supported for downloads?

Any file format up to 1GB in size.

Have more questions?

You can reach us via email at