Frequently asked questions

What makes Indie Aisle different than other publishing tools?

Indie Aisle provides a new kind of ebook reading experience. Instead of being tied down to certain platforms, your ebooks can be accessed online across devices, giving your fans more freedom for how they choose to read your work.

How does the tailored reading experience work?

The Indie Aisle reading experience doesn't require any special devices or specific apps for someone to read your ebook. It works across tablets and smartphones via the web. Providing different ebook files allows readers to choose to open your ebook in their favorite reading app. More on the reading experience

What makes Indie Aisle different than other ebook sellers?

When someone buys your book using an ebook store, it's the store that gets the customer, not you. You may work hard to promote your book, but you ultimately don't get the credit for the fans you send. Indie Aisle makes it possible to connect with your fans and allow them to buy and read your work directly from you.

How does the tailored buying experience work?

On standard ebook stores, you're among a sea of other books that are being promoted right next to yours, even on your own promo page. With Indie Aisle, you get your own store that only shows your books and makes the order process painless for your fans to easily buy and start reading without any distractions. They don't even need to create an account to make a purchase.

I have my own website, can I sell my ebook on it?

Yes. You can place a sales widget on your site to accept payments for your book. You can also customize your book's promo page to match your site and link to it.

Do I retain rights to my book by publishing through Indie Aisle?

Of course, it's your work after all! There is no exclusivity requirement. You can sell your book wherever you want.