The whole experience matters

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a talk at a conference given by Johnny Earle. He’s the founder of a company with a funny name, Johnny Cupcakes which sells t-shirts. He’s opened up a few stores that are themed around cupcakes, but that only sell Johnny Cupcakes brand t-shirts. And certain shirts are only available in stores and sometimes only for specific sales events. Each of these events draws huge crowds with lines around the block.

As of April 10th, you can check out the Apple Watch at an Apple Store. You can try it on and look at the range of options it has, but by appointment only. It can be pre-ordered, but will only be available for shipping to your home. Pre-orders sold out in the first six hours since launch.

Both different products and companies but both focused on providing unique shopping experiences for their customers where the buying experience itself is part of the product.

That’s what Indie Aisle is for when it comes to your ebooks. The browsing, buying, and reading experience is tailored around your work and you have complete control over how your readers experience it.

And by having control of the total experience of how your work gets in the hands of your readers, you form a deeper connection with them and create a story for your story.

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