The state of Indie Aisle

When I originally came up with Indie Aisle over four years ago, it’s original goal was to make it easy for independent authors to publish their books digitally online. Once the app had launched, I realized there was more to the overall idea of publishing independently.

At first, I looked at it from the standpoint of a reader as I saw many great indie titles being published. So the second goal became to improve the way fans get access to an author’s ebook and read it.

Next, I looked into ways an author can promote their ebook after publishing it. During that time I had also been pursuing my personal goal of writing fiction. It was when I got to the point of promoting my own work that I figured out how to improve Indie Aisle for that purpose as well.

With these goals in mind, I worked with my programmer to rebuild the tool from the ground up, designed to be simpler and more streamlined around these core concepts. The latest version is a culmination of the lessons learned since starting Indie Aisle along with using it myself this past year.

Check it out and see how it can work for you. And if you’re interested, you can view my profile page with what I’ve published so far here.

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