Persistence and consistency, tips from pro self-published authors

At this year’s Phoenix Comicon, when I wasn’t at the booth, I decided to check out some of the many panels. One of them was Self-publishing from the Pros where veteran self-published authors shared their perspectives on being a successful independent author. The panel consisted of Michael A. Stackpole, James A. Owen, and Jordan Summers. It was great hearing from authors with such a long history of self-publishing. Below are some of the insights I managed to jot down.

The overall theme that stuck out during the panel is that the only way to make a living as an author is to be consistent in your work and persistent in your efforts. Don’t count on writing a book every ten years, come out with work regularly. Like a show on TV, take advantage of series-based storytelling to build an audience over time. Team up with other authors to get your work out and reach new audiences. Think of your self as a brand and build a tribe/community of people interested in your work.

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