Of control and ownership

Self-publishing or traditional publishing is not a goal. The goal is to get a great story out to the world. As an author, you write and collaborate with a team of editors, cover designers, illustrators, marketers, distributors, stores, etc in order to get your story to your readers. Whether it’s through a publishing company or on your own, the same elements are required one way or another. What it really boils down to is managing this process so you have control over your work.

In the traditional publishing model, the publisher has to be very choosy with titles they decide to publish because of the amount of effort and great costs involved in the process of getting a book from the author to the reader. Because of this, the publisher feels they needed to take ownership away from the author in order to effectively run their model for getting books out. With ebooks and print-on-demand, the amount of effort and costs plummet. And since the investment is so low, authors no longer need to give the rights to their work away to the publisher. It’s the key factor to why authors are going indie now more than ever before. They realize the traditional model is broken and that they can take care of many of the aspects involved in publishing a book themselves for total control over their own work.

The best approach to publishing a book is to treat the process much like its own business startup. When a product is invented, its creation, manufacturing and consumption goes through the process of starting and managing a business. The writing, publishing and reading of a book works essentially the same way. It’s in fact how a different form of storytelling, Hollywood films, are made. Each production legally forms a company and hires people to fill different positions.

Being an indie author means having an entrepreneurial mindset and becoming a publishing empire of one. It means understanding the process and making it work your way instead of going by someone else’s model. Tools like Indie Aisle are available to help you accomplish this by giving you full control over how you get your story out to the world. It’s the future of how all of publishing will work, the shift in control from the publisher to the author.

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