Introducing Indie Aisle

Welcome to Indie Aisle, dedicated to helping independent artists and writers publish, distribute and promote their work. The Internet has given everyone the ability to post their stories, the next step is to allow them to find their audience. That’s what Indie Aisle has set out to do.

I originally had the idea for Indie Aisle when I noticed that there were people I knew who wanted to do something creative from starting a band to having their own online comic, but didn’t know how to get their work seen by other people. As a web designer, I’ve worked with small businesses in helping them setup an online presence for getting their potential customers interested in the work that they do. Indie Aisle to me is a way to do more of that for artists and writers who ultimately want to make their passion into a business that they can make a living from.

This blog will serve as a discussion about distributing and promoting in the digital world and offer tips for utilizing tools to connect to fans. A lot of information is available online but it’s pretty scattered and can often be confusing. Articles posted will often be from people who are independent artists and writers themselves.

If there’s an article about a specific topic you’d like see here or are interested in writing one yourself, send me an email.

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