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Tools and services for the indie web and indie creators

Introducing the Indie Aisle model

A format for your own online platform, built from standard web protocols.

Editable templates

Open source standard HTML templates for the Blocks Edit visual editor.

Template for email updates

A simple newsletter format to use for your emails that works across email clients and allows using any email provider to send out your emails.

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Template for websites

A simple, portable web page format to use for your site that's flexible, and static to work with your hosting provider of choice.

Coming in summer


Based on standard web functionality that can be used on any website.



For microsites and landing pages.

  • Form submit to email
  • Form spam blocking
  • Social preview images

Coming in spring

Includes templates with features built-in.



For blogs and content archives (like docs).

  • RSS feed generation
  • Email subscribing
  • Email list manage

Coming in summer

Includes templates with features built-in.



For digital products and paid subscribers.

  • Connect your Stripe
  • Digital order handling
  • Subscriptions

Coming in fall

Includes templates with features built-in.

Quick guides

Short, straightforward how-to's on web essentials.

Email updates

Learn why you should send out emails, what to include, how to setup content, and sending emails out.

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Your place on the web

Learn why you should have your own domain, hosting, and email address, and how to set it all up.

Coming in summer

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