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Indie Aisle vs publishing tools

Instead of being tied down to certain platforms, your content can be accessed online across devices, giving your fans more freedom for how they choose to enjoy your work. They don't even need to create an account to get your updates or to buy.

Indie Aisle vs other sellers

When someone buys your content using an online platform like Amazon, it's the platform that gets the customer, not you. It even takes a cut of your sales for it! Indie Aisle allows your fans to buy your work directly from you. With no cut taken from you, only a payment processing fee from Stripe.


What do I get for free compared to a paid plan?

You can post any updates for free and you'll get a web feed that people can subscribe to. The $9/month Plus plan includes getting email subscribers along with your feed followers. And the Pro plan, at $19/month, allows you to sell digital downloads and paid subscriptions. The only cost to you is a payment processing fee.

How are the costs so low? Are there ads?

There are no ads! All your content is published in the same way as having a website on your own web host. And because the content we send to your host is based on static assets, the cost for your hosting provider is essentially free.

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