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Simple stats

Only the essential, useful numbers

When it comes to stats you should keep, a lot of the numbers you are given don't really matter. They distract from the real data you need to see the progress you're making.

We think all you need is a single dashboard with the following:

Screenshot of some example stats
  • Unique web visitors, shown as a monthly count, which are similar to the followers you have on social media
  • The pages visited on your site and their overall traffic, so you know which of your pages do well
  • And referrers to your pages, so you know where traffic is coming from

Coming soon:

  • Email subscribers and links that come from emails you send out
  • And RSS feed readers and the posts that are read the most


The Javascript that should be placed before the closing of your <body> tag:
<!-- Indie Aisle - connect directly to your audience -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- / Indie Aisle -->

Privacy practices: We don’t use any tracking cookies. And we respect website do not track settings.


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