Connect directly to your readers

Your readers buy directly from you, get your updates, and can interact with your community

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Sell without requiring account signups

Fulfillment via unique secure link

Readers get a link that is accessed only via their email. Options include reading online and downloading ebook files. Convert to standard ebook formats: ePub, Mobi for Kindle, and PDF.

Paid subscriptions and micro transactions

Per post publishing options

A single feed of all your updates for fans. Setup a paid subscription, or set a price per post. Send out updates via an email newsletter. Include photos, videos, and downloads. Allow fans to interact with each other.

Grow your audience

Recommendation widget

Recommend other authors and get recommended in return. Included in the links on your pages and the emails you send to your fans. You get the same amount of referrals that come from you. There's no cost to participate, and you decide what titles you want to recommend.

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