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Indie Aisle vs other platforms

When someone buys your content using an online platform like Amazon, it's the platform that gets the customer, not you. It even takes a cut of your sales for it! Indie Aisle allows your fans to buy your work directly from you and keeps you connected with them.

Indie Aisle vs other sellers

Services like Gumroad and Patreon work by taking a cut from your sales, as much as 10%. Indie Aisle takes 0%. We connect your Stripe account with the products you setup and you only pay the standard payment processing fee from Stripe.

Indie Aisle vs other publishing tools

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr tend to either filter content that is shown to your fans, or bombards them with ads, or both. Indie Aisle doesn't do any of that, and gives your fans options for how they want to enjoy your work and connect with you.

Pricing plans

How are the costs so low? Are there ads?

There are no ads! All your content is published in the same way as having a website on your own web host. And because the content we send to your host is based on static assets, the cost for your hosting provider is essentially free. You only pay after a certain bandwidth threshold in cases when get a lot of traffic to your content.

Grow your audience

Indie Aisle Recommendations

Recommend other Indie Aisle creators and get recommended in return. Added as part of the email list you send to, the amount of traffic you send, you get in return by being featured in other emails and on our website. There's no cost to participate and it's optional whether you want to include links.

Indie Aisle Pass

A subscription for fans of independent content creators. For $5/month fans get access to content from creators like you. You choose what you want to include as part of the plan and get paid based on its overall earnings, split between content creators. It also works as a good way for new fans to discover your work.

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